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Friday, October 28, 2016

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As you know, Grace recently had some health issues and it cost me A LOT of money to get her taken care of.   But that's not the end of it.  Having 4 dogs does get pricey.  It's not just their supplies and general check ups, but more so the emergencies that happen when one of them gets sick, or needs a procedure done for an injury.  It's a paralyzing feeling when you feel that you may not have enough money to give your pet the care it needs and I don't wish that feeling on anyone. 

It's hard enough to get by with my own expenses so when I add up all 4 dogs I can still make it work but there's not really room for any errors or emergencies.  Things happen.  Dogs can chew things up that get stuck in them.  They can break bones or pull muscles.  Dogs can do many things.  That's why it's always smart for me be prepared.

So today, I'd like to introduce you to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance®.  They are the #1 customer-rated pet insurance and will pay up to 90% of qualifying vet bills.  One of the great benefits of pet insurance is that it helps you focus on giving your pet the care they need without you having to worry about the cost.  The last thing you want is to feel paralyzed because you can't afford to make ANY choice. 

There are many human health-care techniques becoming available for pets (like Grace's MRI) but these techniques are expensive. Oneo f the great things about pet insurance is that you can avoid unexpected vet bills all while keeping your own finances in order.  And while pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, if you sign them up early enough you can bea head of the game if a condition does develop.  That means if you have a puppy or a young dog, it's a good idea to sign up so that future illnesses and accidents are covered. 

Many years ago pet insurance wasn't even around and now that it is, it's important that we educate ourselves so we know how it works, what it covers, and when we might need it.  Only 1% of pet parents currently have health insurance on their pets but still, it's the fastest growing voluntary employee benefit.  

You can get a free quote from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance® here.  With every free quote, Healthy Paws contributes money to the medical care of homeless pets.  And there's even a Refer-A-Friend program where you can earn $35 for every friend that enrolls with Healthy Paws.  You can find more info in the FAQs here.

And one lucky winner today is going to get a light up leash from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance!

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  1. A lot of people don't even thing about pet insurance. Have a great weekend.


  2. I never thought about pet insurance until this post. I would highly recommend it because I want my pet to have the best medical services available and to be taken good care of. Thank you!

  3. We've been looking into pet insurance. I haven't heard of this company but they sound good. I really like that they have unlimited lifetime benefits.


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