Embrace Your Inner Carnivore with Carnivore Club + A Discount Code for October

Friday, October 21, 2016

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I love meat! Don't get me wrong - I love plant-based foods as well but there's something so delicious and primal about meat.  I mean that's basically what our ancestors survived on.  So imagine my excitement when I discovered Carnivore Club.  It's the world's first cured meat of the month club that features artisans from around the world.
Each month you get a gorgeous faux-wood box that comes with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats.   And honestly, curing meats is an art form and it takes a lot of patience and trial and error to get the end product just right!  So it's a luxury that I get to enjoy their hard work.

I was very much impressed on the presentation and how delicately everything was wrapped and packaged.  It even comes with an information brochure that explains what each item is and recommendations on how to enjoy it!

These are so delicious and they are perfect for a little Charcuterie when guests are over.  I can't believe how delicious and flavorfull the salamis were!

The cool thing about Carnivore Club is that you can choose between monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.  And if you just want to do it for one month only, go right ahead.  In fact, if you would like a 10% discount on a box to see how you like it , use the promo code "askaway10" during the month of October. This would make a really great gift during the holidays too! I absolutely recommend Carnivore Club even if it's just a one and done deal for you.  Trust me, you won't regret it!  


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  1. I never heard of this box before. I'm so going to have to check it out. Have a great weekend.



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