5 Tips to Win Your Yearly Battle Against Allergies

Thursday, April 20, 2017

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It never fails - every year just when I think I'm doing great in all aspects of life - BAM! Allergy season attacks me in full force. I don’t know about you but when I am bothered by allergies it’s like my whole life is derailed because my symptoms completely take over.  My eyes water constantly, my throat gets itchy, and I probably sneeze 100 times a day.   Oh, and then there's the non-stop blowing of my nose which results in it getting all red and irritated.  I don't know about you but my life is so busy that I can't just put everything on hold to deal with my allergies. I mean I have a full time job, a blog to run, dinners to cook, a house to clean, and plenty more responsibilities.  I have to keep going and keep moving forward.  So here are 5 tips that I use (and you should too) to successfully win the yearly battle against allergies, including using Xyzal® Allergy 24HR.


*Tip 1* Recognize Allergy Triggers
Allergies can be caused by different things.  For some people it's pollen, but for others it could be something like mold.  I'm kind of a combination of those two things.  So I know that a few days of rain is a good time for me to avoid going outdoors since that's when the mold seems to be at its worst.   If pollen is your worst enemy, then try to avoid the outdoors when the pollen count is high and beware of windy days.  Seriously, have you ever stood outside on a windy day and watched the pollen just blow around in the air?  Scary!    

*Tip 2* Keep a Clean Home
Just because your allergies may be caused by an outdoor trigger doesn't mean the triggers can't be brought indoors.  During allergy season it's crucial to keep your home as tidy as possible.  Pollen and mold can actually be tracked into your home from your clothing, the breeze when you open the door, and your shoes.  So make sure you vacuum on a regular basis, dust all the surfaces of your home, and keep counters clean and wiped down.   Bonus points if you have hardwood floors since they are easier to clean than carpets in most cases.  There's nowhere for the allergens to hide!

*Tip 3* Keep A Clean Workplace
This is especially important if you work in an office because, once again, you and others around you are tracking allergens in on your clothing and shoes.  Make sure you dust your desk and any shelves you have.  I also give my desk a scrub down with disinfectant wipes once a week.

*Tip 4* Keep A Clean Car
I sound like a broken record but your car is a huge trap for allergens.  If you know your allergies are acting up, keep your windows closed when you drive.  Make sure you regularly wipe down (dust and scrub) the dash of your car as that's a HUGE culprit of collecting dust and allergens.  I also vacuum the seats and carpet in my vehicle since I know that I'm constantly bringing allergens in from the outdoors.

*Tip 5* Use the Right OTC Allergy Treatment
This is one of my most important tips because this tip has been my saving grace.  It's important to use the right OTC allergy treatment and that's why I highly recommend Xyzal® Allergy 24HR.  It gives me 24 hour relief from all my annoying symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and itchy throat! It even helps my watery eyes so I don't look like I'm crying all day!  The best part is that it's full prescription strength and it's now available over the counter at CVS.  It comes in 10 count as well as 35, 55, and 80 counts.   

Xyzal has really improved my day to day life.  I can go to work and focus on what I have to get done instead of constantly sneezing and trying to get my nose to stop running.  I even sleep better at night not having to deal with my allergy symptoms when I'm trying to drift off to dreamland.  And when I wake up I'm still ready to take on the day.

Xyzal is an antihistamine product designed to provide continuous all night, all day allergy relief and is as effective at hour 24 as it is the first hour you take it.   Speaking of hours, it starts working in 60 minutes!   Continuously taking it once a day, right before bedtime, means that Xyzal is relieving symptoms while I sleep.  I love that it's conveniently found at CVS so I can get in when I'm there running errands to pick up groceries!

Xyzal gives better symptom relief when taken continuously and it relieves indoor AND outdoor allergy symptoms.  Make sure you read and follow Xyzal product labeling and use it as directed!

You can find Xyzal 10 count in the allergy section of CVS.

So, which of these tips are you most looking forward to trying in order to take back your life during allergy season?

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  1. Great tips! I am pretty good at keeping things clean (dusted and vacuumed)to help with our allergies, but I know I slack off on the dashboard of the car! #client


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