[Planning Our Wedding] Flowers, Save the Dates + Other Deets

Thursday, April 6, 2017

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So I've made some exciting progress with planning our wedding!  In last month's post I explained the budget and the initial plans.

One of the things I totally forgot about was the bouquet.  Do I really need a bouquet? I mean it would be adorable in pictures but the flowers will die eventually.   Then I remembered EcoFlowers! It's flowers made of recycled wood and paper. They last forever. So I happened to get on and saw one I absolutely loved and it also happened to be on clearance!  

Soooo here is a quick pic of them! They were only $34 shipped! And they will last forever and I can forever display them in the vase they come with!

So originally I wanted to just a Facebook invite but I realized that I didn't want to wait that long to tell people to save the date. So I got on Canva.com (where I make all my blog graphics) and used a Save The Date template to make a simple and small Save The Date.  I printed them on my printer, cut them out, then used a glustick to glue them onto small pieces of card stock. I mailed them in simple little envelopes that I already had (those ugly blue interior ones).  The people I see in person at work got theirs that way, everyone else's gets mailed. My only cost was $10 on postage. 

Aren't they cute? Simple and to the point! 
So instead of a Facebook invitation I may actually make my own with Canva again and put them on card stock.  Since I already have the printer, paper, and cardstock, my only expense will be postage! Woohoo!
It was super fun to make as well!

I underbudgeted on photography because I wasn't really paying attention so I'm paying around $150 for a friend who is a hobbyist photographer to take photos during our party. He takes great photos and we will have outdoor natural light so I'm pretty excited. It will only be maybe 3 or 4 hours worth of photos.   

So I made my big playlist using all of my previously purchased songs on iTunes. I just picked ones I wanted to play during the party.  

There aren't many more updates besides that... One of the things I have to figure out this month is what I want to do for my Bachelorette party.  Hmmm.....

Any suggestions?

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png

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