Chewy 30 Day Challenge [ An Update]

Thursday, April 13, 2017

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You may remember my first post for my new Chewy 30 Day Challenge with Tylee's Food, but if not, let me recap.

So Tylee's is a NEW Chewy exclusive Human-Grade Dog Food.  It's actually made of human-grade ingredients just like what you get for yourself at the grocery store.   You can actually see the real food.  And all you have to do to prepare it is to defrost it and then serve it.

So today, I'm going to talk about the changes I'm seeing in my dogs and how they are liking the food.


So Grace took an immediate interest in the bag.  And she has been obsessed with this food now.  I transitioned gradually so they didn't get sick tummies but man, they are doing great with it.  There's no coughing, hacking, or nearly choking on kibble anymore! Woohoo! Everything's perfectly sized for them.  

I love how easy it is to prepare.  I just defrost some of this food for 2 days in a food storage container and that's what I use to store the current supply. There's no stinky smell or anything!

They line up like crazy pups for dinner and breakfast now.  I've noticed their bowel movements happen right after breakfast and right after dinner. They are on a really regular schedule and no one has had any unhealthy BMs.  

The food is amazing beacuse it makes me feel better about what I'm putting into their bodies.  I mean just look at it. It's really REAL human-grade food!

I've noticed less shedding and scratching with the dogs which is good because they can get allergies from fillers in food.  I don't have to worry about that now.   I also noticed they aren't gassy and bloated anymore, especially Pixie.  And there's less obsessive itchy licking of the paws. 

So check back in a couple of weeks, at the end of the month for my final thoughts!  I am so glad we are taking this challenge because I think Tylee's food is just AMAZING!

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