4 New Year's Resolution Ideas for 2018 + An Old Navy Giveaway

Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 is almost here and despite how cliché it is, you can always use another excuse to make some resolutions, right?   So today, I'm sharing with you a list of 4 great resolutions

[1] Embrace the KonMari Method.
A couple years back I revamped my entire life AND home with the KonMari Method.  You can read all about it here and see how it changed my life.   And you can see how each category of my possessions was covered here. Basically, the KonMari Method involves keeping ONLY what you love or absolutely need. If it doesn't bring you joy you can let it go.  It was life changing for me. There's no more clutter in my home.  Everything has a place and I know where it all is.  There's no more cleaning up before people come over.  The book is the first step and once you read it you can begin the process.  Make sure you read up on the posts I linked to because it'll get you really motivated!

[2] Fix Your Finances.
Not only have I wrote a book about how to get your finances in order but I have an entire blog post dedicated to getting on a budget and one for paying off debt using spreadsheets and tracking.  Working on being debt free is so exciting.  My finance posts and downloadable spreadsheets for purchase can really help you.  My book is a super easy read and I made it in the most down to earth way possible.   If you're sick an tired of feeling like you have no money and always stressing about it, you need to fix your finances!

[3] Get vital documents in place.
I made several posts about this type of thing - one here about my living will and why everyone needs one, and one here will I explain why wills and living wills are crucial at any age. You can have these documents made through a website called Rocket Lawyer for a VERY small fee.   You never know what can happen to yourself at any given moment and the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else in your life is be prepared. Have plans in place, have directions, and be comfortable talking about it.

[4] Adopt healthier everyday habits.
You don't have to drastically alter your life all at once but it's always a good idea to make permanent small changes that you basically ease into. I made a post here about some of those things like drinking more water, eating REAL food, and being more active simply by walking twice a day on breaks. You can still enjoy life but just make slightly better decisions.  Maybe cut back portions a little or try to eat more fresh foods instead of packaged foods.

What changes are you working on this year?
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