36 Ways to Cut Your Spending

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

36 Ways to Cut Spending

Why does it feel like you never have enough money?  

Well, I have an answer for you but you may not like it.  
It's because you are spending too much.   But how in the heck can you stop? Well, today I have 36 ways to cut spending! 

[ ] Reduce your Fun expenses by cutting back. You can still have fun but you should limit how much money you spend on it. 

[ ] Instead of attending an event every weekend, cut back to every other week.
[ ] Resist impulse buys for hobbies.
[ ] Before you spend your fun money, ask yourself if you really need the item or expense, or if you can wait.

[ ] Reduce your Restaurants expense by dining out less. Instead, cook dinner at home or go to a place that's a bit cheaper than your usual choice.
[ ] If you have weekly date nights, change the actual date night for dining out to just once or twice a month. Spend your other date nights doing something free or enjoying a home cooked meal and a movie.
[ ] Spend less on coffee in the morning by making your own at home and bringing it with you in a thermos or travel mug.

[ ] You don't have to give up your hair salon visits but try to space them out more throughout the year to save money.
[ ] Try giving yourself a manicure or pedicure at home every other month rather than going to the nail salon every month.
[ ] Try an at home wax kit so you aren't paying extra at the salon.
[ ] Ask for gift certificates for holidays for these expenses so you don't have to use your own money.

[ ] Shop less. Choose consignment shops or look for sales.
[ ] Ask for gift cards at the holidays so you can use them to buy clothing.

Kids Fun
[ ] Just like you did with the adult fun category, you may need to cut back with kids fun activities. Try free or cheaper activities, or get creative and do more things at home.
[ ] Determine if every extracurricular activity or sport is necessary. 
Ask your kids if they want to continue. A lot of times, kids just go along with what they've been signed up for because they think they don't have a choice. 

Kids Clothing
[ ] Try to buy less clothing or at least look for sales.
[ ] Ask relatives to purchase clothing or gift cards for your kids at the holidays instead of buying toys.
[ ] Check out consignment shops and thrift stores. You can actually find a lot of great clothing for kids at these places and contrary to popular belief, there's nothing wrong with them except the fact that kids grow out of things QUICKLY. Also consider yard sales and hand me downs.
[ ] Limit your older kids when it comes to spending money. If your kids are teenagers and legally of age to work, they should probably work a part time job to get their spending money.

Now let's look at the categories that are very necessary but still able to be tweaked.

[ ] Of course you and your family need to eat, but consider eliminating impulse food purchases by sticking to a list and avoiding end caps and check out line buys.
[ ] Meal planning is a great way to use up what you already have and only purchase ingredients that you need for what you'll be eating that week. Use this FREE meal planner to start.

[ ] Use less of your utilities. Be mindful of how much water your family uses and the temperature your thermostat is set to. 

[ ] Consider altering it by a degree or two in order to save money on your electric bill. 
[ ] Evaluate your current cell phone plan and how much of your data or minutes you use. If you're able to save money each month by reducing your plan, go for it.
[ ] Do you use all your subscriptions for things like Netflix and Hulu? If not, get rid of them.
[ ] See if you can cut back and get your insurance on your car reduced without sacrificing good coverage.

Medical (For yourself and children)
[ ] Some of us have prescriptions we don't even need or use. We just get them automatically refilled. Can you get the medicine refilled less or buy it cheaper over the counter?

[ ] Keep your pets healthy to avoid emergencies.

[ ] Choose a high quality pet food so your pet can actually eat less because it's more nutritionally dense. Buy in bulk with pet food to get a better deal.
[ ] If grooming is a major expense, consider trying to bathe your pet yourself a few times a year and even cutting their nails yourself.
[ ] Shop around for better prices on supplies AND grooming.

[ ] Don't drive when you don't absolutely have to so you aren't burning through gas.
[ ] Take care of your car throughout the year with regular oil changes and checking your tire pressure so you're less likely to have things go wrong. Consult someone who works on cars to help you with these tasks if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself.
[ ] Wash your car at home instead of taking it to the car wash every month.

[ ] Try to cut expenses where you can within reason but also shop around for the best deal on things like business cards and supplies.
[ ] Take a look at the monthly subscriptions and hosting fees you pay for and cancel any that you aren't utilizing.

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How are you going to start cutting back on spending? 


36 Ways to Cut Spending

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  1. I always ask myself if I really need what I am planning to buy - usually the real answer is no - but I struggle trying to convince myself otherwise! Thanks for the article!

    1. Thanks for your comment! That's def a great thing to do and I do it too!

  2. Thank you for sharing this list. No matter how good we feel we are, there is still work to be done. I really need to cut back on buying clothes, and perhaps cut back on some of my subscriptions!


    1. It's so true! There is always things that can be reduced! I just cut back on buying clothes and plan to stick to it until Summer at the least lol

  3. I had every good intention of having a no spend January, but it's been derailed already....but I might just do a 30 day span, it doesn't necessarily have to be Jan 1 - Feb 1.

    1. Yea just pick any 30 day span!! I am interested to hear how you do!

  4. I have started doing my nails at home and have saved an okay amount so far.


    1. Yea that def can add up if you're always going to the salon. Good idea girl!


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