Why Your Budget SUCKS + How To Fix It

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

If your budget sucks, there are some simple steps to fixing it so it works for you.

You have a budget in place (or at least you think you do) but for some reason you are still barely getting by paycheck to paycheck and the amounts you are budgeting for different expenses don't seem to be enough.  What's the point of a budget if it's this chaotic, right? 

Wrong! If your budget isn't working for you, it's possible to fix it.  So let's take a look at WHY your budget isn't working and HOW to make it work so that everything is perfectly balanced. 

Why It's Not Working: It's Not Realistic

Maybe you're budgeting too much for unnecessary expenses and too little for the more important ones.  Even though you're putting money aside for certain expenses, you always seem to come up short when you go to get that money. 
Look, we all love to get pampered and spoiled when we get our pedicures, Starbucks Lattes, 
How To Fix It: Go back and Review the Amounts
You'll need to take a look at what you plan to set aside for each category and then ask yourself if you really need that much or if you need even more.  If you aren't sure, take a look at your receipts and previous spending for that category to get a good idea on how much you should be saving up each month.  

Why It's Not Working: You Aren't Following Your Budget
It's one thing to set up a budget and PLAN to follow it but it's a totally separate thing to actually stick to it and use it on a regular basis.  It's completely normal to go astray but that doesn't mean it's okay, because it's not going to help you stay on track with your finances by any means. 
How To Fix It: Hold Yourself Accountable
It's time to choose a better method to hold you accountable and that's why the cash spending method is so crucial to following your budget.  Anything you can pay for in cash like clothing, groceries, medications, pet supplies, gas, and car maintenance should be a category in your cash envelope system. by using cash for everything. 

Why It's Not Working: You're Feeling Unmotivated
I get it, it happens.  Life gets in the way and you're sick of obsessing over finances every day and every night.  You need a break, so you just stop caring.  Even I've been there.  

It's kind of like when you start a new workout plan and you are doing great in the beginning when you can focus on it a lot but then after a couple of months you're getting bored with it and you have better things to do. 
Fixing Your Finances online course for creating a budget, becoming debt free, and building a savings fund
How To Fix it: My course, Fixing Your Finances, can greatly motivate you to get back on track and give you the knowledge and methods you need to have a realistic workable budget every month as well as achieve your financial goals of becoming debt free and having a healthy savings fund.  

Fixing Your Finances online course for creating a budget, becoming debt free, and building a savings fund

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How are you going to fix your budget so it works better for you? 

If your budget sucks, there are some simple steps to fixing it so it works for you.

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