New and Slimmer You? Here's What to Eat

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

We all need a bit of help sometimes and especially when it comes to what we should be eating. It is such an essential part of living, after all, and getting stuck in our ways of eating seems just as natural as getting stuck in our ways of breathing or sleeping. You don’t know how to do it differently because you’ve never tried - and attempting it without any guidance is going to be quite tough.
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That’s why so many people struggle with losing weight and eating differently; we eat to survive, after all, and if we stop eating the amount we used to, our minds will be quite quick to conclude that we’re having a few problems with surviving.

Here is a quick handful of tips to help you with reaching your weight loss goals and eat healthier without feeling deprived or as if you’re going through a famine. It just makes it a bit easier to follow through with your promises and look forward to a much slimmer you by the end of this year.

First: Focus on eating proteins

Proteins, delicious proteins, will help you to both feel full and healthy for a lot longer. A lot of us tend to fill up on carbs instead, though, and it makes sense as our hungry bodies appreciate the fast calories we get from it. A large doughnut will surely fill you up with lots of sugar and calories you can use as you’re trying to survive - but staying alive isn’t really as difficult as it used to be.

Consciously, we may know very well that a doughnut won’t do us any good but it’s difficult to convince your reptile brain about this. It wants fast calories and lots of sugar so that you can escape in case someone should attack and your main task is, above everything, to fight this instinct.

Give yourself protein instead and teach your body to be a bit more patient in terms of calories. You will feel full and satisfied from chicken and eggs as well, after all, but it will just take a bit longer than if you gave in and ate that doughnut.

Next: Fill up on liquids

Sure, you’ve probably heard that drinking water will help you to feel full for a bit longer and beat that afternoon craving but what about eating water instead? Fruits and vegetables are definitely your best friends when it comes to healthy snacking and you should fill your lunch box up with carrots, celery, apples, and everything else that tastes good and makes you feel great.

If you pack a small portion of hummus or natural yoghurt as well, you’ve suddenly created a very appetizing meal for yourself. Try to find other ways to stay full for a bit longer too, though; this keto diet challenge is designed to succeed and you might find that losing weight and staying healthy tastes a lot better than you used to think.

Now all you need to do is to get rid of all of those unhealthy snacks at home, surround yourself with colourful vegetables, and look forward to a much slimmer you in a few months.

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  1. This year I just want to maintain my weight.


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