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Monday, January 28, 2019

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Winter is my favorite time for reading because you're usually stuck inside with nothing better to do. Here are some of the books I read this month. 

Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

This is the book the new movie with Steve Carrell is based off of.  A father writes about his life as his eldest son grows up and dabbles with drugs and becomes a full blown addict.  He does a great job of describing his own feelings and those of the family members around him.  This was a very inspiring read. 

The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamerblain
This book was so neat! It was kind of science fiction in that time travel exists and Carly is a pregnant woman in 1970 with her unborn daughter at risk for dying because of a heart condition. Her brother in law transports her to the future where she can get surgery to correct it.  She gives birth and then returns to 1970 briefly but needs to go back to 2001 to get her daughter when she's ready to leave the hospital.  Of course 9/11 throws everything off and Carly is stuck.  An amazing book!!! 

You by Caroline Kepnes
Okay, so I watched the show first, but I loooooove the book.  Joe is obsessive over Beck and is basically stalking her and controlling her life as much as he can without her knowing.  He get's pretty violent in his actions to get what he wants. 

The Lost Man by Jane Harper
This book was really neat because it takes place in Australia where 2 brothers find their other brother deceased.  Their brother's death seems to be bringing up a lot of family secrets and now it's time to figure out what really happened.  I liked how this book showed the bond between the brothers and how hard they worked to figure out what happened. 

What have you read lately? 

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  1. I so need to get back in to reading.


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