How To Style Your Wrists with Bracelets

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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How To Style Your Wrists with Bracelets

One of my favorite ways to accessorize an outfit is with jewelry, especially on my arms.  Think about it, you have the most real estate on your arms because with your ears, you can only wear so many pairs of earrings at once, and unless you want your neck weighed down like Flava Flav, you can't really wear 15 necklaces.  Rings are fun but bracelets are definitely my favorite way to accessorize.  

There are different ways to style your wrists with bracelets so today we'll look at a few. 

A Simple Wrap Bracelet
Some people don't want several bracelets and they just want one that's easy to get on and off.  Wrap bracelets make it look like you have several bracelets when really it's just the same one wrapped around your wrist a couple of times.   Wrap bracelets come in several different styles - some with rope and some with chain, and can have a variety of clasps. Some clip together, some are magnets, some are a button and hook closure, and some are just one giant necklace wrapped several times to slip around your hand. 

Layering bracelets is my absolute favorite and I make my own rules.  I'll mix as many fun colors and patterns as I want to. Layers can almost tell a story like "why are you wearing all of those together and where are they from?". I've also noticed that I get a ton of compliments when I randomly layer a bunch of my favorite bracelets.  People apparently love the look and so do I.

A great way to layer bracelets is by having more simple ones like my absolute favorite - Mermaid Glass Bracelets! These are glass bead bracelets that glow in the daylight so it looks so magical but also adds some shimmer and shine to your wrists.  They come in different hues with a stretchable clear elastic cord and a .925 Sterling Silver logo charm.  It's a super comfortable bracelet too.  Just imagine having a bunch of these on one wrist! 

HUGE Bracelets with BRIGHT Colors
Another way to accessorize is to stick to a color theme in a single bright color and use huge statement bracelets or even a fashionable watch.  This arrangement went well with my outfit at the time but even if I mixed in other girls it still would have looked great.

Earthy Tones
Whether you layer them or not, earthy toned bracelets are a perfect neutral addition to any outfit.  They also give you a boho hippy vibe if that's what you're into.  I like earthy tones in the summer when the colors I usually wear in my outfits are neutral and minimal since I try to avoid any sun attracting colors.
No matter how you style your wrists, make sure it's a great reflection on you as a person and don't be afraid to express yourself! 

How do you typically style your wrists?

How to style your wrists with  bracelets

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