3 Ways to Wear Western Boots in Your Daily Life

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

As you're browsing the latest fashion blogs and Instagram accounts, you may notice an increase in Western boots as the footwear of choice. Putting together a stylish outfit that complements a pair of boots may seem like a challenge, but with the right pairing, you can create a versatile and appealing look that includes these fun and unique boots.

Casual Wear

Image via Flickr by verchmarco
Western boots might seem polarizing at first, at least until you've seen a fashion influencer who can pull them off with just about any look. These boots come in a number of different styles and designs, so they're actually quite versatile. A shorter pair of ankle boots goes well with a dress or shorts, while taller, more traditional boots work with your jeans. The key to pairing boots with your clothes successfully is avoiding too many Western elements in the rest of your outfit, which can make you look like you're headed to the rodeo. 
Skip the cowboy hat and pair your boots with feminine pieces instead. Tailored tops, such as button-down blouses or fitted T-shirts, work well with jeans and Western boots. If you want to create a more professional appearance with your boots, you can don a blazer with a pair of dark-wash jeans. You can even pair boots with a suit, although it's best to maintain a sleek silhouette if your Western boots don't have as much stitching or other designs. Try a simple white T-shirt beneath your suit to maintain an easy look.
Summer Dresses With Boots
When the weather is warm, wear a summer-ready dress with a cute and stylish pair of Western boots. A slinky, slip-style dress or sundress works well with this style of boot, especially when it's short enough to allow you to show off the design of the boots. Since Western boots are a heavier footwear style, it's important to lighten your top half with a loose, flowy dress that doesn't weigh you down. Add a beaded bag and a pair of drop or chain-style earrings for a summer evening out.
Jean Shorts and Tank Tops
If you want to keep your look even more casual, kick up your heels in pair of short Western boots and jean shorts. You'll feel comfortable enough to relax but still look stylish enough to head to an outdoor music festival or shopping with friends. If you like the look of taller Western boots, you can definitely pull these off with jean shorts as well. 
With a pair of boots that has colorful accents, such as brightly colored stitching, stick to a neutral look on top. You don't want your boots to compete too much with what you're wearing. Some of the Western boots from the Ariat collection by Russell's feature unique elements that will help you stand out, such as colorful stitching in eye-catching designs.
You can choose from a wide selection of Western-inspired boots. They work well with all types of apparel pieces and help you create a look that is unique and versatile. Even if you're never been on a horse before, you can still put together an outfit that showcases fun and eye-catching footwear. 

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