10 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Monday, July 22, 2019

10 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

So you probably have been through it before - one of those times where you need to scramble to get some extra cash together.  Maybe it's to fully fund your Emergency Savings or maybe it's because you need to make a very important purchase.  Either way, today I'm going to share 10 ways you can make extra money. 

1. Take Surveys

If you have a lot of free time, this is definitely a good way to make extra money.  I have a list of legit survey sites here and if you keep at it and you can make a handful of extra money each month. 

2. Become a Rideshare Driver
When I really needed to pay off some debt last summer I drove for Uber and Lyft.  It's an easy way to make money instantly and you can work your own hours. 

3. Sell Your Stuff
You can have a yard sale, use online venues, or post on ebay.  Either way, selling your unwanted stuff for extra cash is easy and painless.

4. Use Cashback Apps
I love ibotta because  all I have to do is take a photo of my qualifying receipts and it deposits money into my account. If you have a family, you'll def make out pretty well since you likely buy A LOT of groceries. 

5. Make Crafts
If you're a crafty person, consider making items (with supplies you already own) and selling it for some extra cash.  You really will only be spending your time and energy if you already have all the supplies you need.  Things like pretty jars, knitted items, and paintings are always a big seller.

6. Join Focus Groups 
Do some internet searches for focus groups in your area.  For a few hours of your time once a month you can make anywhere from $100-$200 for simply giving your opinion.  

7. Babysit or Petsit
Everyone these days either has a kid or a pet so let your friends and family know you're up for the task in exchange for some cash.

8. Sell Your Electronics
There's a website called Decluttr that you can use to scan certain DVDs or CDs and see what you can get for them. Honestly, if you don't watch them, they're just taking up space. 

9. Enter Giveaways
Every week, there's always at least one or two decent blogs that are offering a large some of cash - anywhere from $100-$750 that I've seen.  Do a google search every day or every week for "cash giveaways". 

10. Side Hustles
Be your own boss with a decent side hustle depending on where your skills are. 

What other things do you do for extra cash? 

10 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

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  1. I so need to check out Ibotta out. I have been hearing a lot about it.



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