Financial Resolutions | How To Make Them + How To Stick To Them

Monday, December 9, 2019

We all know that most people usually make New Year's resolutions, but they normally are focused on a vague goal like losing weight rather than specifying the exact number of pounds and the time period.  But let me tell you, financial resolutions are very important and when you put enough detail into it, you can make a plan to achieve your goals and knock out your financial resolution.  So today, I am asking you to commit to 1 or more financial resolutions.

Step 1:  Write it down.
You can use my free printable Financial Resolutions sheet or you can just use plain old notebook paper.  The important thing is that you try to plan it out IN WRITING so you take it more seriously and are more willing to commit to it.  

Step 2: Decide on DETAILED goals. 
So for each resolution you make, whether it's 1 or 6, make sure you put as much detail as possible.  So instead of "get out of debt this year" you should write something more like "pay off VISA card and student loan this year".  If you want to knock out SOME of your debt, put a figure down.  

Details help you work harder at your goal.  It feels better to dump money into savings instead of spending it when you are watching it build up towards a specific number goal, rather than just dumping it in and not really monitoring it, trust me! 

Step 3:  Break each goal into action steps. 
Now you need to think of everything you will have to do in order to achieve your goal.  So if your goal is to pay off your debt, your action steps may include things like eating out only once a month (that money can go to paying off debt instead), working extra shifts, or selling some of your possessions.  Get creative and detailed yet again.  These action steps give you a guide to follow to work on achieving your goals and knocking out your financial resolutions. 

Step 4: Focus on one at a time. 
Some goals can be done simultaneously but many need to be done one at a time.  You can't focus hardcore on paying down debt if you're trying to build up a big savings fund. One at a time.  Pace yourself with goals.  So maybe your MAIN goal can be a big one like paying off your credit card and another resolution can be that you get a promotion, etc. 

So what are your financial resolutions going to be? Make sure you join my Facebook group so you can share them there as well! 


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