If You Don't Have The Right Strategy, You'll Never Organize Your Home

Saturday, December 28, 2019

The internet is rammed with tips for how to organize your home. There’s advice on everything, from how to store your shoes to preventing your toothpaste lid from drying up.

Unfortunately, none of this advice is particularly helpful unless you have an overriding strategy: a set of tools that you’ll use to win the war on clutter.

Getting on top of your home organization is about more than using storage solutions. It takes a holistic approach. You need to treat your home more like a business than somewhere your family hangs out.

Want to learn more? Check out the following process for achieving organizational excellence in your dwelling.

Step 1: Assess The Situation

Every home is different. Some families accumulate detritus in the kitchen while others have the biggest problems in their living spaces.

Only you know the specific areas in your home that are out of control, so only you can evaluate where you need to concentrate your efforts.

The best way to approach each room is to assign it a “mission.” Be clear with yourself about what you want the room to achieve. If you want a space for relaxing and watching TV, then make this the purpose of the room. If you need a reading room, then include this in the design. Make sure that the fittings and fixtures actually serve the goal that you ascribe to it. If they don’t, then you’ll never win your fight against the clutter. The room will work against you.

Step 2: Sort Through Everything

The next step is to work out whether all of the stuff in a particular space should be there. There’s no use having pots and pans in the bedroom - you’re not going to cook while you sleep.

Sort through everything, making a series of different piles. Create one pile for the stuff that you want to stay in the room, another for things destined for other locations in your home (like the kitchen), and then a pile for trash.

Step 3: Create A Household Chore Process

The final stage is to create a process that allows you to keep your house clean and tidy over the long term, even if you regularly entertain, work long hours or live with lots of messy kids.

Creating a process is mainly about finding ways to make doing regular household chores faster. Laundry baskets with handles in all the bedrooms, for instance, means that you don’t have to pick clothes off the floor first before putting them in the washing. Using a robot vacuum lets you stay on top of your carpet cleaning, without having to invest the time in doing it yourself.

Creating a dishwashing routine makes it easier for you to keep on top of the dishes at the end of mealtimes.

Finally, everything in your home should have a specific place. Toys should be in toy boxes, clothes in closets, and shoes on racks. Books should be on the bookshelf and all your magazines neatly stacked on top of each other under your coffee table.

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