Decorating Your Home for Fall

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

In celebration of my favorite season I wanted to put together some tips to help everyone else decorate their home for Fall. I love this time of year. The air is crisp and cool while the sun is still warming you up.  The colors are beautiful and there are less bugs.  And it's super easy to decorate for Fall so without further ado - enjoy!

Don't Neglect the Front Door
No matter where you live, and what the size of your house is, you can ALWAYS decorate the front for Fall, especially since that's what everybody sees first.  A few potted mums in different colors and some pumpkins and a garden flag will do the trick.

Put Items in Bowls and Buckets
You can buy a bunch of real of faux mini pumpkins and pile them into a bowl, bucket, or vase for a nice fall centerpiece or shelf d├ęcor. I  have also seen people collect leaves in different colors to display in a vase with pinecones or in a bowl.
Use Natural Items or Faux Natural Items
So I could have made a gorgeous wreath out of dead leaves but I don't have the time, talent, or patience so I purchased one at the store with faux leaves.  If you're crafty then look no further than your own yard. You can easily glue sticks, pinecones, and leaves onto a foam wreath.

I have tons of faux pumpkins that I use inside and outside my house.  The faux ones are great because I can reuse them every year and they don't rot away.

Stack Hay Bales
You can get mini hay bales at the crafty store and stack them to give your decorations outside (and inside) different height and depth.  Plus it's super fun to look at it!

So how are you going to decorate your home for Fall this year?

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