The 4 Benefits of Putting Your Baby in Their Own Room Right Away

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


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Many parents find that for all of the plans they put in place, a lot of them go out the window as soon as the baby is born. A good example is that if you've worked so hard designing your baby's nursery but you end up bringing the baby into your room. But if you are sharing your room with your baby, there could be a number of problems. This is why it's so important to put your baby in their own room from birth. Here are some of the best reasons to do this right away.

You Will Always Be Able to Hear Them If They Wake Up

Some parents feel worried about putting the baby in their own room because they won't know if the baby wakes up, but this is what baby monitors are for! And with video baby monitors from Babysense, you will be able to see them as well. They are not far away, so if they do wake up, no doubt you will be out of bed like a shot!

The Baby Will Sleep Better in Their Own Bed

If you put the baby to sleep in their own bed, they will learn how to get more restorative sleep. Putting a baby to sleep in their bed as soon as they are born means that they will get better quality sleep, and therefore, they will be a more rested baby. Additionally, if you put the baby in your room and you snore, you are going to wake the baby, which means that everybody is going to have a restless night! At the very least, putting the baby in their own bed means that they won't have to put up with your slumber sounds!

Babies Can Learn How to Get Back to Sleep by Themselves

Babies go through sleep cycles as we do, and when we wake up, we roll over and go back to sleep. Baby sleep cycles approximately last 45 minutes, which means that they will do the same thing, but rather than getting up straight away and tending to them, giving them a few minutes to get themselves back to sleep will work wonders for them in the long run. Some babies don't even have the opportunity to get back to sleep because the parent is there as soon as the baby makes a noise. But this causes a lot of problems later in life and the baby is very likely going to turn into a child that has sleep issues.

It Makes Nap Time Easier

Finally, if the baby is constantly glued to you, you're not going to get anything done! By putting the baby in their bed, and putting them in their room for nap time means that when the baby is sleeping, you have a lot more time to get things done. But it also makes nap time easier for anybody else, meaning that you can get babysitters and you can get out of the house by yourself.

It's so important for babies to sleep in their room, not just for their sake, but for yours as well!

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