How to Carve Out a Space for Yourself at Home

Friday, September 24, 2021


Everyone should have their own private space, where they can get some peace and quiet. Sometimes you just need to think or get some time away from other people. However, it's not always easy to find somewhere you can have some time on your own. When you live with other people, whether it's your family or roommates, you might not have a space that you can call your own. But there are some steps that you could take if you want to have a space that's just for you, or that you can claim for yourself when you want to.

Set Up a Nook

Creating a little nook somewhere in your home can give you somewhere quiet to relax when you need it most. A nook could take on a variety of forms and might be located in a number of places in your home. A window seat is the perfect place for a relaxing nook, or even simply a space next to a window could work for you. Bay windows are ideal for this, so you might even want to consider installing one. Even a little alcove or a space under your stairs could make the perfect nook, where you can hide away if you want to.

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Create Space Outdoors

Outdoor space can make an excellent little hideaway if you're looking for somewhere to get some time to yourself. You could have a little seated area outdoors, whether it's on a balcony, patio, or deck. You could even consider setting up an outdoor space in a garden office or summerhouse, or perhaps a gazebo or under a pergola. Or you could consider adding a porch swing or a hammock to your outdoor space, both of which can make good places to relax. Sitting outdoors can be very relaxing, and it's a great way to hide from everyone else.

Have a Meditation Corner

Spending a few minutes meditating each day can be very good for your mental health, and it might even help you to be more physically healthy too. A quiet space to meditate can help you to get into the zone, and it doesn't take much to set up a space that you can use. You don't need an entire room, although it can help to have a "do not disturb" sign to keep other people away. Try having a blanket or mat that you can sit or lie on, something to play music, and maybe some candles or something else to create a pleasant fragrance.

Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

If you have nowhere else to go, your bedroom can make a perfectly fine sanctuary. You might find it helpful to create a little area that's separate from your bed so you have somewhere just for relaxation and reflection. It could be as simple as having a chair that you can curl up on or even somewhere to sit on the floor.

Even if you share your home with family or others, you can still find somewhere to relax when you want to.

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