How to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day on a Budget

Monday, March 7, 2022


Like many people, you may be feeling an itch to break out of the house or do something different and St. Patrick's Day is a good excuse to do that.  But if you're trying to keep your finances in check, you don't want to splurge too much. Here are a few ways to celebrate on a budget!

Watch a Parade
Check your local news sources for a list of local parades. They are free to watch and can be a blast for kids.  Have everyone dress up in green that you ALREADY OWN and head out to enjoy a few hours of fun!

Cook Irish Dishes
Most of this stuff can be made for a cheap price if you just check what you already have on hand and then grab a few extra things from the store.  And, green food coloring can spice things up for kids without you having to make a crazy new recipe.  Ever had green eggs?! 
Decorate with Green
This can totally be a DIY and very affordable. Get green cardstock or construction paper and cut out shamrock shapes to make your own garland.  I've seen people get really creative with this too.  Someone I know took a vase and filled it with ONLY green Christmas balls.  It actually looked quite festive for the season! 
Bake Cookies from Scratch
Try making cookies and adding some green food coloring or if you can get green icing, make green sugar cookies.  

Play Irish Music 
Head over to Pandora or Spotify and find a festive channel and keep it playing around the house. 

Keep it Green
Celebrate all things green by taking care of the Earth.  Pick up litter along your street or in a local park.  This is as green as you can get! 

Find Clovers
Speaking of being outside, get the kids and look in your yard for four leaf clovers for good luck!! 

Hopefully you can find a few fun ways to celebrate without dishing out a lot of money.

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