What Are The Best Ways To Make Value-Adding Changes In Your Home?

Tuesday, March 1, 2022


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If you are remodeling a house with the intention of selling it on, then there is one priority which guides most decisions you will make. The question of added value is one which has been gone over by experts and amateurs alike, and the answers to that question can change as people’s priorities change. However, there are certain factors that are likely to remain constant, and making the right additions in the right places will generally ensure that a decent price is fetched for any home that hits the market.

There isn’t always one specific addition that can be made to guarantee a good price, it’s worth noting. What is more important is where you make the changes, and what those changes offer that wouldn’t be there if the house were left much the same and simply redecorated. Below, we’ll look at these key areas for improvement, and what your remodeling can do to make the valuation of your house more palatable.

Kitchen makeovers

It’s often said that it’s the kitchen that really sells a home. Whether that is actually true depends on a few other factors, of course, but study after study has shown that a good kitchen gets potential buyers over the line more often than any other single feature. The key to a showpiece kitchen is integration - it’s a turn-off if all of your appliances are different colors, or you have a 50s-style breakfast bar when the rest of the kitchen is ultra-modern. The key thing to remember is that the kitchen should underline the theme in the rest of the house. So if you want to go retro elsewhere, make the kitchen really retro with colorful appliances; if you’re going modern, then clean lines and chrome are all-important.

Energy-efficient touches

Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself an eco-warrior, making green-friendly touches in your home can work well because sustainability leads to affordability. Rising oil prices are likely to see energy costs rise for the foreseeable future, so consider the advantages of a more rustic wood stove. Acquaint yourself with the answers to questions like “What is kiln dried firewood?” and consider a wild garden. As long as you keep weeds at bay, tall grasses and colorful wild flowers make for a very pretty garden, water barrels and bee houses add cost-saving green touches, and nobody has to worry about mowing the lawn.

A whole bunch of storage

It is very easy to accumulate stuff, and it seems to be a lot harder to effectively declutter, which is why storage has become such a key component of home remodels in recent times. The key factor that good storage provides is to get things out of the way - so you don’t want to be tripping over a loose ottoman any more than you want to be standing on a discarded toy. So the key factor is integrated storage such as cabinets and shelves that are fixed to the walls - and in some cases even fitted into alcoves and inlays in those walls. It may not sound like a dramatic touch, but potential housebuyers will be mentally calculating all of that storage volume from the moment they step through the door!

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