March Bucket List Ideas

Wednesday, March 2, 2022


March is here and that means Spring is coming! Now is a great time to make a bucket list for this month and try to get yourself out of Winter hibernation mode and into gear.  Here are some ideas for your March bucket list!

Start an Outdoor Exercise Habit
Whether it's tending to your yard or getting an actual walk (or run) in, start doing this daily so by the time Spring weather is in full force, you'll be making the most of it!
Plan your Garden
Evaluate the space you have and what works and doesn't work in years past and write down your plans for your 2022 garden.  Decide what veggies you want, what annuals you'll purchase, and what perennials in your garden you'll keep and what you might add more of.  If you really are good at gardening, start planning when you'll start your seeds indoors! 

Jot Down Outdoor Projects
Now's an ideal time to evaluate some improvement you may want to make to the outside of your house or your yard and landscaping.  Write them down, decide the order you'll work on them, and make a list of costs and supplies. 

Try some Irish food on St. Patrick's Day
Even if you aren't Irish, try something new this year.  Look up some traditional St. Patrick's Day recipes and celebrate it by expanding your palate. 

Decorate for Spring
Grab your Spring decor from storage (or make your own) and start decorating.  Use pastel colors, floral themed items, and anything that reminds you of Spring. 

Plan your Easter Holiday
If you celebrate Easter, start thinking of your menu and who you want to invite for dinner.  

Trim your Trees
Depending on the climate where you are, the end of March is when a lot of people start pruning shrubs and small trees in their yard.  Look up when it's safe for your area to do so and then get started!
Hopefully these give you some inspiration to get outdoors and embrace the season!

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  1. I started to walk outside. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer.


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