6 Simple Ways to Create a More Accessible Home

Friday, June 24, 2022


Creating an accessible place to live may be on your agenda for a number of different reasons. Perhaps one of the members of your household needs a little extra assistance with everyday life, or you require some tweaks of your own to make household chores easier. Whether you’re attempting to declutter your kitchen in a bid to create a more calming environment, or you’re making modifications for the people you love, here are six simple ways to create a more accessible home.

Install a Lift for Your Porch

Having easy access to your outdoor space is a priority for anyone who wants to enjoy a porch, patio or outside decking. When you offer efficient access to a raised deck by installing vertical platform lifts for handicapped people, you are creating a more enjoyable experience for anyone who visits your home. These options are extremely affordable and there are a number of flexible solutions to suit your individual needs.

Widen Doorways and Reduce Obstacles

Naturally, your home probably has many doorways which can pose a challenge to those who have varying ability levels. If your doorway has a threshold that is slightly raised from the ground it may cause someone to trip or it may be tricky to maneuver over it in a wheelchair. Widening doorways, removing potential trip hazards and seeking out alternative modifications will create a more ideal environment.

Create a More Accessible Bathroom

Making your bathroom a safer place for everyone is very simple. You can mount grab bars which can prevent people from tripping or having falls when going to the bathroom or using the shower. Ensuring that slippery surfaces are covered with gripped mats will also help to create a safer space overall.

Reassess Your Stairways

Ramps and lifts, as mentioned earlier can be an excellent way to assist people when going up to another level of your home. If you have stairs in your house then you may want to consider installing a lift for ease of access.

Simplify Your Storage and Declutter

Reaching items on a top shelf or sifting through a whole host of mess to grab a basic item isn’t the ideal scenario for those who have reduced mobility. By rearranging things in your cupboards and closets you can create a much simpler and more streamlined space for everyone.

Rearrange Essentials

You could argue that your bathroom is the most important room in your home, which is why it’s so important to create an accessible space for those you live with or future visitors. Having a bathroom downstairs may be something for you to consider in the long run. Similarly, you may also want to to install a guest bedroom on the ground floor so that it is accessible to all.

Making these small and simple changes to your home can ultimately help you to achieve a more accessible space for everyone who lives in and visits your household. Being mindful of what everybody around you needs will allow your home environment to feel more welcoming and enjoyable to everyone who stays with you.

Image from Pexels - CC0 Licence

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