How to Adopt a More Minimalist Lifestyle

Monday, June 13, 2022

Minimalism is always being talked about and while I'm not going to get into what it really is (because that's a personal interpretation based on the person wanting to get into it), I will give you some advice on how anyone can adopt a more minimalist lifestyle.  You can save space, energy, time, and money! 

Take advantage of technology and instead of using paper for everything, consider keeping a digital to do list on your phone, read kindle books instead of purchasing physical books, use online calendars, and use your computer or phone to write reminders and notes for yourself.  Paper can really add to the clutter in our homes and so whenever possible, I always try to avoid it as much as possible. 
Enforce the One In, One Out Rule
This can apply to anything you want whether it's clothes, books, something you collect, toys, or movies.  When you get a new item, you have to get rid of another.  So if you really want that new pair of shoes, when you get home, find a pair you can donate and get rid of them.  This prevents you from accumulating too much stuff that you can't even fit it into where you will store it. 
Not Every Surface Needs to Have Something On It
Trust me, if you take up every square inch of display space on every single shelf, mantle, or tabletop in your home, it will just be cluttered and accumulate dust.  Leaving open clear spaces (or just one item in a certain space) makes it easier for you to clean, and it makes you feel less surrounded by stuff everywhere you look.  

Keep it Simple
Rather than going overboard, try to embrace a cleaner more simple look with everything you do whether it's your outfits, your home decor, or your work desk.  Less visual stuff allows your mind to stay clear and focused on what you're working on. 
Think Hard Before You Buy
This really applies to impulse buys as well.  Make sure you think long and hard before purchasing and bringing something new into your home.  Do you need the item or can you use something you already have at home? Is this item going to bring you great joy, be of great use, or is it just going to sit on display and collect dust?  Is it really worth the money and the effort to purchase and potentially pay it off? 
Do Less
Every minute of your day doesn't have to be taken up by something.  It's okay to just sit and do nothing.  Our society doesn't prioritize self care like it should and doing less can be a very effective form of self care.   Allow yourself to slow down and decompress.  Don't multitask every chance you can't.  Sometimes it can be really relaxing to just and observe. 

Which of these are you going to put into practice first?

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