How to Decorate Your Home for Summer

Monday, June 6, 2022

Summer is a great time of year that is normally spent outside for the majority of the time.  But when you're inside your home, especially if you're trying to stay out of the heat, it's so fun to bring some touches of summer decor inside your home as well. Here's a few ways to decorate for Summer!

Use Greenery
While Spring is great for colorful blooms, Summer is a great time to just add green all around inside.  Pop a boxwood wreath on your front door, Put some branches from a bush in a glass vase and use as a centerpiece in your dining room, or use faux topiary decor in your living room. It's green outside so bring some green inside.
Decorate with Fresh Fruits
Since many things are in season, don't be afraid to use decorative containers and bowls to hold your fruits and produce and let them on display in your kitchen.  I have a friend that always has several lemons in a glass bowl on her counter and I just love it.  Lemons remind me of Summer but if there's a fruit you have in mind, go with that!
Focus on Outdoor Living Spaces
If you aren't spending much time indoors in the Summer, focus on the areas you do spend time in.  If you have a patio or porch, add pops of color in the form of outdoor rugs, throw pillows for patio furniture, and colorful pots for plants and flowers. 
Make Your Own Floral Arrangements
While everything is in bloom, go around your own garden and take cuttings of your favorite flowers and arrange them in a vase inside.  I do this every week.  It's a way to enjoy my flowers not just in my yard, but in my house. 
Use Patterns
I see lots of people using patterns in their homes in the warmer months.  So a tablecloth with a checker pattern that reminds you of a picnic outside makes a great touch in your dining area.  Or you can use floral print throw pillows on your couch.  Get creative and embrace your favs! 
Embrace Lighting
This is a great tip for outdoors in your patio or porch area.  Use lighting to help add some decor to the areas you hang out.  I always see cute lanterns at the stores this time of year but also, solar string lights are a great choice.  And I also see people string lights up on their indoor trees (faux or real!) so that's another way to light up the night. 

Experiment with Shutters
Best Buy Shutters have come out with a great selection of vinyl shutters available in multiple colors and styles. This is a great way to add an extra layer of decoration and style to your home's exterior. Whether you choose traditional, open louvered, or board and batten style, these shutters will look not only fantastic but also offer great protection to your windows from extreme temperatures, rain, and wind.

 Do you decorate for Summer normally? 

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