4 Signs Your Home Has Poor Air Quality

Thursday, June 9, 2022


Everyone should understand the importance of a healthy daily routine, but you can't always get the results if other factors get in the way. Sometimes, these factors are things you do, such as bad habits or a lack of time. It isn’t always you, though. Sometimes, your daily routine can be affected by issues in and around your home. One common problem is poor air quality which can impact your health and wellbeing, so how can you recognize poor air quality in your home?

Your Allergies Flare Up

Even if you regularly suffer from allergies, poor air quality can compound them and make things one-hundred times worse. Homes with poor air quality are hotbeds for dust and dander, which may react badly with your nose or your skin.

If you have noticed you are sneezing more often or breaking out in rashes, it could be a sign that there is too much dust and other air pollutants in your home. It’s worth purchasing an air quality monitor to confirm and consider the most effective ways to improve your home.
There Is a Funky Odor

Funky odors can happen in any home, especially if you have pets (and kids, of course). But, persistent odors are a sign of something worse. These unpleasant stenches may be caused by mold and mildew which can be severely damaging to your health and wellbeing.

Sometimes, it happens because your home’s ventilation is not effective. Opening windows will allow air to circulate. But, if the problem persists, an AC contractor can identify the issues and repair your unit, which should improve the air quality by removing mold and mildew, especially from humid places like your bathroom or basement.

Hot and Cold Zones

Hot and cold spots around your home are often a sign of inefficient appliances, such as your heater being too big or too small to be effective in your home. This can be uncomfortable, especially when the temperatures drop or rise at different times of the year.

It can be even worse, though. If your home cannot reach the right temperature, there’s a risk that certain parts of the house attract frost or become too hot, which may allow mold spores to grow and spread.

Increased Illness and Fatigue

You can usually identify poor air quality by the way you feel. If you are used to feeling fit and healthy and have suddenly come down with unexplainable illnesses and fatigue, it might be air pollution that causes these problems.

This is because air pollution can affect your sleep quality, which means your body is not capable of fighting off diseases due to exhaustion as the lack of sleep makes you sluggish. If you don’t solve this problem, you risk suffering from a long-lasting illness that could be difficult to recover from.

Quality Air

Excellent air quality is essential for building a healthy and happy home. It doesn't just affect you, either. Poor air can also affect your family, friends, and even your pets. So, if you recognize any of these signs, it could be proof that your home is suffering from poor air quality, and it’s time to make changes.

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