4 New Rules For Dinner Parties

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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The dinner party is changing. Long gone are the days when you had a full sit down dinner for friends and family that felt formal and felt stiff. Nowadays, the dinner party is becoming a bit more DIY and a bit more casual where people can come as they are and even take time to pitch in. Here are four new rules for throwing dinner parties in the ‘20’s.
Ditch the Main Course

The main course at dinner parties is becoming a thing of the past. There’s just not enough room to fit it in. So many people wind up only eating half of their main dish because they want to be polite. Most people aren’t even hungry. Do yourself and your guests a favor and skip the main course.

Instead, add the main course to the cocktail hour. Set up a table or tables where guests can graze. They can fill their plates with what they want as they are mingling and talking, and you can place the main dish on the table for them to have then so that they can have a taste of everything you are offering from meat recipes, pasta recipes, or a bolillo recipe that will compliment every dish. Preslice meats and have big bowls of sides like veggies and you will find all the food will go.
Have Several Seating Areas

In your main area, have a communal table where all can sit if they choose. At the same time, have several private seating areas where smaller groups or couples can sit and talk and catch up in privacy. Having these rotating seating areas will help people see the room from different angles, break off with friends, and get a chance to sit and talk with everyone.

When everyone is forced to sit at one table, there is always the problem with sitting strangers next to each other or splitting up couples. When people have control over where they sit and who they sit with, everyone is more at ease and more likely to invite others into their circle to chat and get caught up.
Be Present

Since all the food will be out on the table for everyone to serve themselves, there is no need for you to be in the kitchen cooking and preparing. As a matter of fact, put the kitchen off limits. Once guests arrive, be available to ask questions, help serve, and go from table to table talking and making everyone feel welcome.

This is also a great time to control the music, set up playlists that people will love, or take requests from your guests. This is also a great time to initiate party games your friend will love and want to play. The more present you are, the more fun your guests will have.
Clean As You Go

Don’t save it for the end. Since everyone is helping themselves to food, and you are not stuck in the kitchen, you can easily throw things away or take things into the kitchen and place in the dishwasher as the night wears on. This way, when the last guest leaves, you can turn out the lights and turn in.

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