Antique Victorian Furniture Advice For The Home

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

You love your home, having been in residence for 10 years. You are settled and get on well with everyone and it’s a good neighbourhood. It’s the right size for you as a single person, but you feel that it's time for a makeover.

People change their tastes and interests over time as they mature, and you are no different. Out of nowhere you have also discovered a love of history and the architecture of a bygone period. You now start an online search to see if there are any stores near you offering authentic antique pieces.

After research, you decide that it will be Victorian antique furniture that you look to collect, as you have fond recollections of visiting your great grandmother as a child and seeing her furniture. Let us look at a few examples that might be high on your purchasing wish list.


1. Chaise Lounge. This most comfortable, elegant item of furniture with low legs allows you to spread and relax in your living room after a hard day at work.

2. Desk. You would most likely find an antique Victorian desk made of mahogany, owing to its elegant and durable qualities. The end of the period included the use of Amboyna, rosewood, and walnut, with the desks having decoration influenced by French or Chinese design. Some desks were used for writing in the office, while others were perfect for use as game tables. As such, its adaptability made this item extremely popular.

3. Dressing Table. What better way to add elegance to a bedroom than one of the staples of the era. Ideal for its functionality and convenience with drawers and a mirror, a dressing table will immediately stamp a Victorian flavour to the room.

4. A Sofa Or Couch. Either of the two pieces of furniture can complement a chaise lounge. You can also opt to have them in place of a chaise lounge, with their wooden frame and delicate floral patterned fabric upholstery. The final touch of a dramatic curve at the top of the frame would offer outstanding beauty to any room.

5. Glass Topped Coffee Tables. These items would be the perfect accompaniment to a couch and chaise lounge. You can go for a small size with intricate dainty carving or a larger one with ornate dramatic legs. Whatever the design, it will enhance your living room instantly. A visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum might have such an item on display or offer you inspiration.

6. Victorian Cabinet. Established antique shops UK collectors and investors from other countries go to would have an impressive collection of this type of antique. The ideal way to display your book collection is in a glass fronted cabinet. Perhaps you will prefer placing trinkets or fine china to create an antique, historical feel at the same time.

7. An Iron Bed Frame. This will look wonderful alongside the dressing table, and it can be cost-effective if you were to replace the current frame. Add to the antique feel with delicate floral patterns.

Hopefully these ideas will set you along the way and discover more items of Victorian furniture that will transform your home and make you feel like Victorian royalty.

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