Tips for Winding Down from Summer

Monday, August 1, 2022

It's just the beginning of August but sadly, Summer is coming to a close and the end of August will be here before you know it.  That means it's time to think about the transition to Fall and everything that comes with it like the weather, school starting back up, older kids moving out for college, etc.  So here are some tips to help you wind down from Summer so that the transition is smooth and easy without that sad feeling that comes when you have to do it all at once and say bye to Summer.

Prepare for Back to School NOW
If you've been in the stores lately you'll know that there's already back to school supplies out.  Now is the time to create shopping lists for clothing, school supplies, etc. so that you can split the shopping up over the next few weeks.  This eliminates the rush and the stress if supplies are running out and your kids don't feel like running to all the different stores with you to find exactly what they need.  So make those lists NOW and put a plan in place for shopping.  
Make Your Yard and Garden Plans
As Summer ends and Fall begins, you'll notice your garden vegetables and herbs will be winding down as well.  This means it'll be time to harvest what you can to store and use over the Fall and Winter months before it's time to start the gardens over in Spring.  Make notes on what to harvest and when. Plan out time to store and can certain things, make homemade sauces, and pull vegetables that are done producing.  
If you have perennials in your flower gardens, now is the time to write down a plan for when you'll cut them back, plant new Fall blooms, and begin putting things away until next season.   This is also a great time to make a list of the tasks you'll need to do for Fall cleanup like wiping down outdoor furniture, cleaning the siding of your house, doing repairs that you've noticed need done in the last couple of months, and add mulch to garden beds that need it. 
Prep Your Finanes
Fall and Winter bring lots of expenses with them like additions to your wardrobe, home repairs, and holiday shopping.  Sit down and take a good luck at your finances and make sure you are prepared to budget for all of those things.  Create a plan to set some money aside for certain things and make shopping lists that you can make ahead of time NOW.   

Plan Time of Work through End of Year
Now is also the ideal time to pick out some days to take off over the next few months so that you can make your plans sooner than later.  Take some 3 or 4 day weekends.  Plan a Fall or Winter vacay.  Decide if you want to request time off at work for the holidays.  It's never too early to plan stuff like this and get it on your calendar.  Remember, if things change, it's no big deal and you can make the changes later but atleast you're prepared now.
Hopefully these tasks help you embrace the changing of the seasons so you're prepared for an enjoyable Fall and Winter!

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