The Overlooked Graces and Benefits of Becoming Elderly

Friday, August 19, 2022


Older friends having fun - Image Courtesy of Pexels

You might be approaching retirement age or beginning to grow old gracefully. It's a new chapter in life, and there are more benefits of becoming elderly than you might initially think.
You Could More Self-Sufficient than Ever

It's an unfortunate stereotype that you will need help when you get old. Barring a severe physical or mental illness, there's no reason you will need any help at all. Of course, you might have to speak to assisted living consultants if you have limited mobility or diminished faculties. But getting older isn't a guarantee of this. In addition, you have spent your entire life looking after yourself, so there's no reason for this to change until absolutely necessary. Therefore self-sufficiency in care, finances, and even driving are not unusual for people well into their 80s.
You Can Stay in Good Physical Shape

Your body indeed deteriorates as you get older. But that doesn't mean you need a walking stick, a wheelchair, or help getting around. Even when you are young, you can have physical issues if you don't get enough exercise and eat right. Fortunately, it's never really too late to begin either of these. And you can reap the benefits of both as you get older. No one will expect you to run a marathon after your 65th birthday. But you can stay in good physical condition with regular light exercises such as walking, stretching, and cycling to stave off many aging issues.
One of the Benefits of Becoming Elderly is Time

After working all your life and paying your dues, you are entitled to some peace. Retirement and old age is the reward you get for your contribution to society. And spare time is a large part of this. You may be restless at first, but having more time allows you to do what you love:

You have more time to indulge your passions and hobbies.
You no longer need to miss any birthdays or special occasions with relatives.
Not having to work means you can stay social and enjoy the best of life.

Maybe you didn't get to do enough fishing when you were working. Well, you can do as much as you like now. And you can spend more time with your children and grandchildren. Or you can sit back and relax while watching the world go by with your close elderly friends and family.
You Can Still Make Money After Retirement

Of course, retirement doesn't mean you can no longer make money. Money shouldn't be an issue if you have been savvy about finances when you were younger. However, you may need more or simply want to make more for your family. While you may not want to work, you can easily make money with limited work or part-time jobs. Or you can do a side hustle that relates to your hobby. For example, if you love painting, then you can earn money from commissioned works or send your creations to an art gallery, getting paid for your hobby.
You Can Keep Your Mind Sharp

Like your body, it's possible your mind will also slow down. However, this doesn't necessarily mean diminished mental capacity. Quite the opposite, actually. Your brain works like a muscle. And like a muscle, it requires exercise. Puzzles such as Sudoku and crosswords are excellent for engaging the brain, whether young or old. And brain training video games can help keep you sharp. But staying sharp doesn't only mean logical engagement. An active social life and enjoying music and dance can help delay or prevent the onset of dementia-related illnesses.

There are benefits of becoming elderly. Contrary to common misconceptions, you will become more self-sufficient, have more time to enjoy life, and stay social to keep your mind sharp.

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