Purging Your Work Wardrobe for Telework

Monday, August 22, 2022


If  you are lucky enough to be transitioning to a full time or part time telework schedule from now on for your job, you can rejoice because you will likely save money and space when it comes to your wardrobe. But that also means you should do a closet purge so you can have a more organized and useful closet. 

Determine how many different outfits you need. 
If you have a set amount of days each week you will actually be in the office, figure out the total for the month, and then use that as your goal number for outfits.  You can allow some wiggle room as well. So if you only will be going in 4-5 times a month, then you really only need anywhere from 6-8 cold weather and 6-8 warm weather work outfits.  If you can get away with less than that, do it!
Try everything on. 
 It's probably been a while since you wore some of the things in your closet, so go through and try everything on.  If you need to replace certain items, make a list.  
Purge by category. 
Remove everything from your closet that's work related and put them into piles by type. So warm weather dresses in one pile, skirts in another, pant suits in another, and so on.  Go through and get rid of anything that is old or damaged and can't be repaired as well as anything that doesn't fit.  Then go through again and keep your favorites in every category.  You probably won't need 4 black skirts, so try to cut it down to just 2. 
Reorganizing your closet. 
Some people group outfits or outfit combos together in their closet in an entire section dedicated for work outfits.  Others just organize their closet as a whole.  Do whatever works for you.  But do it so that it's easy for you to find things on the days you DO have to go into the office.   Also, be sure to dust and vacuum your closet while everything is out of it. 
Don't forget shoes. 
Shoes can accumulate like no one's business,  so make sure to include them in the things you purge through. Keep only what's comfortable and what you'll actually wear.  Make a list if you need to shop for new shoes of any kid.  I always tell people - flats and heels. Make sure you have beige and black in each since they're so versatile with work outfits. 

Are you teleworking permanently now? Did you purge your wardrobe? Share below!

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