Your Guide To Spring Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Home

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Although we are all happily acquainted with the idea of spring cleaning, most of us see the activity as taking place only indoors. However, it is time to think again. After all, there are many good reasons for extending spring cleaning to the outside of your house.

It is not just a matter of improving the curb appeal of your home, although it is worth thinking about the first impression that your house makes on the arrival of visitors. It is all about getting the absolute most of your outdoor living areas. And, ultimately, do not forget that upkeep plays a crucial role in maintaining the overall integrity of your home and prolonging the life of its various elements.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to spring clean the exterior of your home.
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Take a walk around your property

Walk around your house and garden to examine its condition. Collect any fallen branches along the way and cut plantings that have not survived the winter months. Make sure that you check outdoor structures for damage and make a note of any necessary repairs you will need to make, such as loose fence boards or missing shed shingles. Check your outdoor plumbing and make a list of your lawn and garden equipment.
Clear out your gutters

You should be making an effort to clean out your gutters twice a year - once in the fall, and again at the beginning of spring. It is a task that very few of us like, but it is a critically important one nevertheless. It protects your home against leaks and damp and makes sure that water is directed away from your house. Neglect this task, and you could end up compromising the structural integrity of your property.
Clean up your siding

After a long, harsh winter, your siding will no doubt be looking a little worse for wear, so give it a good clean and leave the exterior of your home looking sparkling new for the spring. It is important to clean vinyl siding the right way to make sure that you do not cause any damage.

Clean your windows

Window cleaning is probably the quintessential spring cleaning task. However, if we are only cleaning the inside of the glass, the job is only half done, and you will find yourself getting annoyed with the fingerprints, smears, and general grime that has built up on the outside.

Clean your patios and driveways

Somewhere down there, underlayers of grime, salt and general dirt, is the paved surface of your driveway, front walk, or patio. Clean up the consequences of winter, not only to preserve the aesthetic appeal of these areas but also to encourage their longevity.

Make sure your outdoor furniture sparkles

You do not want your next barbeque or gathering with friends to be spoiled with the remnants of last year’s entertaining. Make sure seats and cushions, tables and outdoor grills are given a good clean over. 

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