A List of Ways to Prepare Your Home & Yard for Spring

Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring has sprung my friends and if you haven't tackled your Spring cleaning checklist yet then you better get started! Most of the Spring cleaning we do has to do with the inside of our home but what about our yard and the exterior area of our homes? Spring and Summer and even Fall are when we spend the most time outside and we tend to invite others over.  So wouldn't it make sense to take the steps to make sure your yard and the exterior of your home are prepared for the new seasons?   

Today I put together a list of things to do around your yard and home to help prepare for the nicer weather and any entertaining you may do. 

Weeding and Cleaning
Winter can wreak havoc on your yard and even the garden beds and mulched areas surrounding your house.  The first thing you'll need to do is clean up any sticks, branches, leaf piles, and debris that was left behind from Winter.  Wait for a dry day and use a leaf blower to clear leaves out from your mulched areas.  Try raking in the tricky spots and go around the walkways you have and sweep up any road salt or random pieces of trash.    Often times trash that makes it into your yard gets buried in the snow so don't be surprised if you end up finding some random papers or cups.   

You'll also want to do any weeding whether the weeds are dead from last year (You can still get an early start knowing where they grow) or they are already growing in this year. 

Those garden beds will look gorgeous with colorful flowers and healthy green shrubs but before you plant any annuals you'll need to mulch them.  Maybe you just need a few bags to mix in with what's currently there or maybe you need to mulch your beds in their entirety.  Either way, get a start now when it's not miserably hot out and you won't have to deal with it in the middle of the summer. Plus the sooner you mulch, the longer you have to enjoy it.

Washing the Exterior
Your home gets dirty on the outside especially when you have vinyl siding and it's a lighter color.  Power wash or hose down the exterior.  Look into cleaning solutions at your local hardware store as well.  Some people even need to wash their brick walls, fencing, and deck/patio surfaces. 

Wash and Set Up Outdoor Furniture
When you know the snow is gone for good it's time to break out any outdoor furniture you stowed away for the Winter.  Make sure you hose everything down or just wipe it down to remove dust, dirt, and any pollen.  And it's always a good idea to wipe down your outdoor furniture once a week in Spring because you'll continually have pollen buildup depending on where you live.  Some people even cover their furniture in the Spring when not in use.  This is also a good time to replace any damaged cushions or outdoor pillows.

Trim Trees and Shrubs
Now is the time to trim your branches because there are no leaves in the way and you can really see what looks scraggly and unhealthy.  Maybe you need to call a professional in for any actual trees and branches or maybe you can just do the smaller stuff yourself.  Trimming your shrubs at the right time helps them grow in nicer and they'll look great when they bloom. 

Check the Crevices
Inspect the exterior of your home including the windows and doors and look for any old or cracking caulk.  Replace weather stripping when necessary and be sure to clean out your gutters and downspouts.  Your gutters should be cleaned out regularly in the warm months so that you don't get clogs and you don't end up getting insect problems.  You'll notice that yellow jackets enjoy nesting in debris filled gutters. 

If you have lawn ornaments, yard flags, and any other outdoor décor in your entertaining spaces it's time to bring it back out.  String those outdoor patio lights back up and arrange your lawn gnomes.  This is my favorite thing to do in the Spring because it's when I officially know Winter and snow are a thing of the past.

Plan Your Flowers
Make a list of what flowers you want to purchase and where you will put them whether it's in a garden bed or a flower pot.  This is the fun part because your next step is to purchase the flowers when they're available and then plant them. 

Spring cleaning doesn't always mean the inside of your house so make sure you do your best on the outside too so that you can be proud to show your hard work off when guests are over. 

What is on your outside Spring cleaning checklist this year?


  1. I have a ton to do outside this year, and more so now since that huge snowstorm did so much damage. There are many shrubs and trees with broken branches that will need to be pruned, in addition to the regular mountain of spring chores. I just put in for three Mondays off in April to have a little more time to get stuff done - yayyy - hope the snow's gone by then! Happy Easter, Ellen!

    1. I know it's like I try to get stuff done but then t he snow comes and then it throws me off again! ACKKKK! Hope you had a great Easter Deb!

  2. Great list! I just realized today, that I need to get out the lawn mower from the garage! lol. :)


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