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Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Spring is a great time to get motivated to do some Spring cleaning around the house but many people don't even know where to start. Every year it seems to change based on what your household does or what kind of furniture or features your home includes but either way there are a handful of things that should be done every year.

Spring cleaning always makes me feel refreshed and like I'm starting anew. No more slush and salt being tracked in after it snows, no more stuffy air because it's so cold out that you don't want to even open the doors, and more natural light coming in through the windows since you can keep the blinds open without fear of heat escaping through the glass.

So here is a list of some things to do when you spring clean your home this year and I even included a free printable checklist at the end of this post.

Clean Fridge & Freezer
Empty everything out of the refrigerator and freezer and then vacuum up any loose crumbs. Wash with soap and warm water all drawers and shelves. When you put your food items back in make sure you check the expiration date on EVERYTHING and pitch what's expired.

Dust all the hard to reach high up places in your home like high shelving ledges, ceiling fans, tall lamps, and any other random tall surface you can find.

Empty your pantries and purge anything that is expired. Then scrub or wipe down the insides and make sure you put items away in an organized manner. Here's a post I did on cleaning out pantries last month.

You should regularly vacuum the guest room every week but make sure this time you also wash the sheets and remake the bed.

Coat Closets
Purge any items that are never worn (too old, don't fit) and donate them and then make sure you dust and vacuum the inside before neatly putting all items away again.

Medicine Cabinets
Check for expired medications that can be properly disposed of and then wipe the inside shelves down and organize items as you put them back in.

That's right; now's a great time to take apart your vacuum cleaner to wipe it down inside and out. Replace filters and make sure everything is working properly.

Wash any window curtains that are washing machine safe and don't forget to wash your shower curtain and replace the shower liner.

Wash windows inside and out around your home. If you have a tall house you may need to use a ladder or have a professional company come in.

Click here to download and print the free PDF printable.

What other things do you do for spring cleaning?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list.


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