Bringing Light And Life To The Kitchen Again

Monday, January 9, 2023

If your kitchen is in need of renovation, it’s all too easy to start planning out and setting money aside from the big changes that you want to make. However, before you do that, you need to think about why you’re renovating the kitchen, beyond the space it provides, cleanability, or any other practical concern. You also want to make sure that your kitchen feels bright, welcoming, and warm so that you’re happier to spend time in there. Here, we’re going to look at a few ways you can make sure that you do just that.

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Consider opting for a more neutral color

A minimalist aesthetic in the kitchen, aside from making it more attractive and simple, is inclusive of all. This can be important for a family kitchen that you share with others, as not everyone might share the same love for a bold color choice that you might be fond of. Instead, you might want to opt for more neutral colors, whether it’s white, off-white, or something that feels a little more natural, creating an airy and gentle feeling in the kitchen. With a more neutral color for your kitchen, you can easily fit any modern or classic decor fixtures into the color scheme. It’s also good at making the space look both bigger and brighter than it actually is, so long as you keep on top of the cleaning.

Let there be natural light

Lighting is vital in the kitchen, of course. Aside from making it a lot safer and providing visibility over the most frequently used task areas of the room, it also affects the mood of the room and there’s nothing more important when it comes to that than natural light. Aside from making changes to the windows inside the room, you can also look at which lighter window treatments you can choose that block less of the sunlight that would come in otherwise. If your garden has good elements of privacy, such as tall hedges that stop people from looking in on it, then you could get rid of window treatments entirely to simply let the sun shine on in.

Make it clutter-free

If there’s one thing that will make any kitchen look unwelcoming, it’s the sight of a mess. Even if the kitchen isn’t really messy, but just looks a little haphazard due to clutter, it can really affect the psychology of the room and how it makes you feel. As such, you should do what you can to tidy and do away with clutter in the kitchen as best as possible. You can follow a step-by-step guide to decluttering your kitchen, which can include tips such as using more hidden storage beneath your surfaces, making use of vertical spaces, and occasionally purging the kitchen of items that you never use.

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Create a better connection with the garden

One of the most relaxing aspects of the modern kitchen is the ability to look out to your garden and to take in the environment if you have one available. A sense of connection to the outdoors can have a whole host of positive effects on your well-being, from helping you manage stress to promoting relaxation. As such, doing what you can to widen that connection can be great, such as installing french doors that open up the kitchen, allowing you easier access to the garden. It’s also good for maximizing the natural light of the kitchen, as mentioned above, and can even help with the ventilation by allowing you to open up those doors when you’re cooking, preventing the space from getting too hot.

Create a space for everyone to come together

If you want life in the kitchen, then you mainly want to make it a place where everyone can come together, especially if it’s a family kitchen. As such, to ensure that you have to create a space that is welcoming and comfortable for everyone, whether it’s for a quick breakfast in the morning before everyone goes off to work and school, or for your family meals. You can make use of a kitchen island, or the kitchen table, or even take things out onto the patio if the weather allows for it. Creating a dining space, even when you don’t have a ton of space at your disposal, can make it much more of a family room.

Can you offer even more seating to those in the kitchen?

This tip might not be the most possible if, for instance, you have a smaller kitchen and not a whole ton of seating space, to begin with. However, if possible, you should always try to make sure that your kitchen can accommodate a few extra people for those special events, whether it’s bringing the wider family together during the holidays or for social events like a party at the home. You can, for instance, look at extendable tables that allow you to pull them out to seat more people when you need to, or you can make use of bar stools and other seating that you can keep to the sides of the room. If you have the french doors mentioned above, you can open seating up to the patio and keep those doors wide open to create a more seamless social zone.

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Use natural materials

The surfaces in your kitchen can have a huge impact on its look and feel when they’re changed. As such, you should consider making them much warmer and more welcoming by integrating natural materials where you can, such as hardwood floors, wood countertops, granite, marble, and more. Many natural materials also have highly practical benefits, as well, such as being easier to clean and maintain and more likely to last.

Turning your kitchen into the welcoming and warm spot that you and your family needs can see you spending a lot more time in it and, more importantly, thinking more fondly about the time that you do spend in it.

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