Stuff to Sell After Decluttering Your Home

Wednesday, January 18, 2023


Tis the season for new beginnings and being stuck in the house when it's freezing out.  Many of us tend to take this time to declutter our homes so I figured now was a good time to share this advice. 
If you have time to make money, and you have a home that needs decluttered and purged, that means you can invest a few moments each day, to try and sell some of the stuff you no longer want or need. But when I say this to most people, they simply say that they are sure they don’t have anything of value and that no one would want their stuff. I’m going to let you in on a secret…. I know what stuff sells. So, take a look around your house, and if you have any of these items, consider listing them online, selling them at a yard sale, or in local marketplace groups.

Kitchen Appliances
There are so many people that are looking to pay a few bucks to stock their new home or apartment with kitchen items. Blenders, crockpots, toasters, microwaves, and slow cookers are HUGE items that are always in demand. So if you just got a new blender for the holidays, before you pitch your old one, try to make a few bucks off it. If it doesn’t sell, just donate it.

People are always looking for small table and chair sets, a nice end table, a coffee table, or even a bookshelf. If you’ve purged your home and no longer need these items, simply post in your local neighborhood group with a note that the person who wants the item must haul it away themselves. What an easy way to make a few bucks. Again, if it doesn’t sell, just donate it or leave it by the curb with a FREE sign.

Framed Art
Any kind of art can be of interest to someone else. Keep the price low, but know that if you cared about this artwork at any time, asking a small fee will help it go to someone that will clearly value it.

Dog Crates and Kids Playpens
These types of items are always in demand and it’s a big help to others if they don’t have to pay full price. Snap a photo of the item, list the measurements, and a price and someone local will surely want it.

Find an expert online that can price and value your collectibles whether it’s baseball cards, figurines, or baskets. Then ask them the appropriate venue to sell on. Many collectibles are sold through eBay and other online websites. I mean, you can keep them sitting around collecting dust your whole life, or you can cash them in NOW.

Designer Bags and Shoes
Especially if they’re barely worn, designer brand bags and shoes are HUGE!!! List them online locally and if you have trouble selling them, consider a local consignment shop. You can still make money from it but they do all the work. Make sure you take detailed photos of any blemished or scratches. And make sure your items are REAL!!!

Kids Toys
These are great at yard sales. Make sure you clean them first, and ensure all tiny parts are together.

Fitness Equipment
People are ALWAYS looking for this stuff at a discount. Make sure you list locally so they can come look at it first if they are unsure. Seriously though, everyone is always talking about how they look for local deals on treadmills and fitness bikes. So if you own it, you don’t use it, and you never will use it, don’t let it sit and collect dust. SELL IT!

Any unused TVs, phones, laptops, monitors, computers, video game consoles, DVD/Blu Ray Players, and more – these are all valuable items to many people. Set a fair price!

Get creative after you purge. If you haven’t purged your home, just walk around and look at what all you have and what you don’t use. Then see if there’s a need for it in your area!

What are some items you’ve sold for a decent amount of cash?

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