Your Guide to Declutter ANY Room

Monday, January 23, 2023

So you really want to declutter your home but you don't know where to start or even how to start.  I'm going to break down the way I do it based on my love of the KonMari Method and The Home Edit method.  So take a deep breath, and realize it's not as difficult as you are making yourself think it is.

First you need to pick a room or even just an area of a room to start.  So if you want to do your home office, maybe you want to break it down into sections like craft area, work area, storage area, etc.  
If your room is just one thing like a bedroom, it may be easier to start there.  You can even start with a single junk drawer in your home. 

You have to remove EVERYTHING.  Get it all out and set it out spread apart so you can really see what all you have to work with.  So if you're in the bedroom organizing and decluttering a night stand, empty the drawers and clear off the surface. This also gives you a clean slate when you start putting things back away.  

This is where you group things together so if you're going through a junk drawer you may want to put all of the gift cards together, the notepads together, and whatever else you come across. You may also find you have some things that don't belong in this spot, so you can put them into the proper location in your home.  You may clip coupons in bed some days but that doesn't mean scissor should be stored in the nightstand next to your bed.  

This is where you edit out the things you don't need.  There may be excessive duplicates of something like 5 pairs of scissors and not only do you need less but two pairs are broken or really old.  You need to really think long and hard about the things you want to hold on to.  Remember, you want to free up space and like the ladies on The Home Edit showed us, breathing room will make your space look less cluttered when you put everything back in it's place.  I use the KonMari Method for editing my stuff, so that means I hold each item and really think and evaluate it. 
I start to put my things away neatly but I make sure to use containers.  And yes, I know, organizing supplies can be expensive so don't get caught up in having to make it super fancy.  If you have empty jewelry boxes or iPhone boxes laying around you can use those as drawer organizers!  Check out your local dollar store for other cheap bins and baskets.  Now you get to put things back and use containers and organizers to keep them together. This is where you want to think in zones like they did on The Home Edit.  Put like items together so it makes sense to find them and to put them away.  Rubber stamp supplies can all go in the same bin or drawer in your craft nook.  Put your books all on one bookshelf so they're all together in your little library.

This is where you use labels to keep your spot organized and ensure that you will always put things back in the correct spot so you can maintain the organization. You can make your own labels or buy ones that you can write on.  However you do this part is up to you.  But you definitely want to label things so you and everyone else in your home is reminded where something needs to be put away.  
After you do this, you'll probably be pretty obsessed with what you did.  This will get you motivated to move on to other areas.   And of course if you aren't satisfied, you may need to revisit certain areas and work on them again and again. The reward is worth it so keep going! 
I love having a decluttered home.  I have done many simple things to make different areas of my home more neat and tidy with less clutter. 

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