How To Keep Your Pets Clean And Your Home Pest-Free

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Looking after your pets is a wonderful part of owning them. They become another member of the family, offering unconditional love from the moment they arrive in your arms, to the moment of their final moment on earth. It’s often said that these animals should live forever due to the great love and affection they bring to their owners.

Keeping your pets clean is important not only for their own health but for the sake of your home too. While they’re loveable creatures, they also can bring in a lot of nasties both bacterial and physical in nature.

With that being said, it’s important to keep your pets clean so that your home can remain pest-free. Here are some top tips to ensure that happens and that chaos doesn’t ensue with pests in the home.

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Give your pet a regular bath every few weeks to a month

A regular bath is a must not only because it’s good to rid the pet of any potential bugs living in their fur but because it’s hygienic. After all, you wouldn’t go without a bath or shower at least once or twice every week, right?

For pets, it’s a little different as they often don’t need much in the way of bathing because they don’t sweat and smell like humans do. However, they can get dirty from that occasional muddy walk or downfall of rain you got caught out in when walking.

Get a regular bath running every few weeks to a month and where possible use a good shampoo and conditioner that’s good for flea and other pest preventions. You’ll likely find these are the best for helping prevent any pests from remaining on the skin or in the fur itself.
Apply flea and tick prevention medication

Flea and tick prevention medication is important for your pets to receive every month. This is going to help make your pet’s fur and skin an inhabitable breeding ground for pests like fleas and ticks.

It’s a monthly treatment that can be prescribed by the vet or you could get a prescription to purchase the medicine online. This medication is something that if you’re not using, you’re putting the health and well-being of your pet at risk. When a pet experiences ticks or fleas, it can be uncomfortable and/or painful for them and that’s not something you want to see as an owner.

Not only that but a flea infestation in your home is no fun either, especially if your pet has a habit of being on every piece of furniture imaginable.
Brush their coat regularly

In order to keep them looking good and free of any bugs, brush their coat regularly. Brushing their coat can help to prevent matting which can also become a bit of a breeding ground for pests and bugs too.

It’s important to choose the right brush in order to look after their fur properly. Some pets will have finer hairs while others have thicker ones. It’s worth taking a look online to see which option is going to be the most appropriate for the type of pet you have and its breed.
Spray pest prevention spray on bedding

Pest prevention spray is a great option when wanting to prevent any transfer of pests from the dog to your belongings in the home.

It’s natural for your dog to be allowed on furniture - although some households don’t allow it. Having your cat or dog on the furniture though can be problematic if they were to get some form of pest attachment.

To help prevent it from being the case, spraying pest prevention spray on bedding and other furniture regularly is useful. While it might not always smell the best, it’s a great way of making sure nothing nasty is finding its way onto your home furnishings and setting up home.
Clean the home daily with a more intense clean weekly

Cleaning the home is something that should be done regularly because it helps keep the home in order. Not only that but it’s handy to ensure the home remains clean and healthy for the household.

Dust and other dirt can accumulate in the home, which results in dirty surroundings. Sprucing up the home daily is a great way of staying on top of any potential pests that might be coming into your home. On a weekly basis, a more intense clean should be done and every month or so, a deep clean might be needed depending on the size of the home.

With regular cleaning, you minimize the chance of any bugs appearing on your pet.
Set traps in the home where required

Setting traps is an important one because sometimes the home itself might not be doing itself any favors in keeping these pests out of the property. To help keep yourself safe and in control of your own home, setting traps might be helpful in order to prevent any infestations from happening.

There are preventative measures and traps for all pests of all shapes and sizes. It’s worth investing in what you need to keep those pests at bay.
Look out for any signs of pests

Pests are often noticeable before they’re even seen physically. For any fleas, you’ll find that your dog is scratching itself a lot more regularly than normal. There are some bugs that dogs will carry in that might do some damage to your soft furnishings. It’s worth being aware of the signs in order to stop the problem before it gets out of hand.
Get in pest control for extermination

Pest control is important to be mindful of when it comes to pest problems that have become too much of a situation to control yourself. When pests overrun the home, the only option is to bring in the experts. Extermination might be required in order to get the situation back under control.

Pets are a wonderful addition to the home but they can bring their own problems. With that being said, use these tips above to keep them clean and your home pest-free and free of bugs in general!

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