How to Adopt an Organic Lifestyle

Monday, March 27, 2023


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Are you looking for ways to make your life more eco-friendly? Many people have taken a greener approach to living their lives recently. Greater awareness of the damage being caused to the planet has likely been the catalyst for many people taking action and changing their habits. This is reflected by research carried out in 2021 that shows that 55 percent of Americans have now changed their behavior to make more sustainable choices.

There are many reasons to switch to an organic lifestyle. Less waste, fewer chemicals, and potential health benefits are just a few examples of how an organic lifestyle can benefit people. Adopting an organic lifestyle is also an excellent choice if you hope to live a simpler life and take a minimalist approach. But, while there are many positive reasons to adopt an organic lifestyle, you may be wondering how to get started. Here are just some of the ways you can introduce an organic approach to your life and start enjoying the many benefits that it can bring:

Eat Organic

Switching to organic food choices is one of the most popular ways to embrace a planet-friendly lifestyle. Organic food is produced without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, meaning it has been grown naturally. The affects of fertilizers and pesticides on the human body is a subject that regularly comes under scrutiny. It is believed that these chemicals can be linked to a range of different conditions and illnesses, with everything from cancer to ADHD being connected to pesticides at some point. While research continues into the links between chemicals and non-organic produce, for many people eating food that is as natural as possible remains their preference.

Organic produce is widely believed to have a higher nutritional value than its non-organic counterparts. This means that when you switch to organic, you may get more vitamins and nutritional benefits from eating them. But organic produce is not just good for you; it is also better for the environment. Pesticide use can have a negative impact on the surrounding area as it can contaminate soil, nearby plants, and even water in the area. As well as impacting the surrounding environment, pesticides and chemicals used on crops can also harm wildlife and other insects that are not a target.

If you are keen to make organic eating a part of your new eco-friendly lifestyle, you will be pleased to know there is now a vast choice of organic produce available. As demand has continued to grow for organic products, an increasing number of options are available to buy with ease. You no longer need to visit a specialist store to buy organic food, meaning shopping for organic produce is now more convenient than ever before.

Make Mindful Fashion Choices

Your clothing choices can make more than just a fashion statement; they can also help communicate your values and what you stand for. Choosing to wear clothing that is made from sustainable materials is an excellent way to start living a more organic lifestyle. Mass-produced fast fashion may be cheap to buy, but its impact on the planet is high.

The lure of cheap clothing can be tempting; after all, you can continually update your closet without needing to spend much cash on each item. However, there are many reasons that purchasing mass-produced cheap clothing is a bad idea. Firstly, clothes that are sold at a low price are rarely ethically-made. Instead, they are often made by workers paid low wages and from materials that are not of a good quality. Another reason that buying fast fashion is a bad idea is that the garments are not produced in a sustainable way. The fashion industry produces one-tenth of the world’s wastewater, as vast quantities of this precious resource are needed to make materials. In addition, the chemicals and dyes used in clothing manufacture in areas without strict rules often end up polluting water sources. Clothing produced by the fast fashion industry is not designed to last, and figures suggest that 57% of discarded clothing ends up in landfill.

Shopping for organic clothing from ethical brands, such as UpWest, will ensure that your fashion choices are not impacting the health of the planet. Purchasing ethically-produced clothes from a sustainable brand can also help you to save money in the long term. As well-made clothing lasts longer, you will get far more wear out of each garment, allowing you to spend less without compromising on your style.

Clean Carefully

Keeping your home clean is essential to ensure that it is a healthy and hygienic place to live. No one wants to live in a home that is untidy and unclean. But while cleaning products may help to keep your surfaces germ-free and sparkly, they can also impact your health and that of the environment. The chemicals that are found in some cleaning products can reduce the indoor air quality in your home. Some people may find that they have allergic reactions to proprietary cleaning products. The enzymes and other chemicals found in laundry products can also cause skin reactions and allergies in people with sensitive skin.

Re-thinking the way you clean your home and wash your clothes is an excellent way to reduce the chances of chemicals impacting your health and eliminate potential allergens found in cleaning products. Plant-based cleaning products can be a helpful alternative. However, it is crucial to research the ingredients and ensure that these products will offer you the cleaning power you need while remaining a healthy and safe product for you and your family to use.

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Change Your Skincare Routine

As well as thinking about how you can use organic products for keeping your home and clothing clean, it is also wise to re-think your skincare routine. The products that you use on your skin are absorbed into your body, so it makes sense to be picky about what you use. Reviewing the ingredients in your skincare products and understanding what they do is well worth the effort. Ingredients lists can be complicated to read, but if you want to adopt an organic lifestyle, reading through the ingredients contained in the products you use is essential. Using natural skincare and body care products is an excellent way to harness the power of plants and benefit from their nourishing, caring properties. When shopping for natural skincare products, it is helpful to look out for certification that the products are organic and/or vegan for your peace of mind.

Shop Consciously

As well as changing the products that you buy and selecting eco-friendly choices, it is also helpful to take things a step further and re-think your shopping habits generally. Introducing some minimalist principles to your lifestyle is an excellent way to live in a more environmentally-friendly way. Ensuring that you only buy the things that you need is helpful and should help you to make more conscious spending choices. Buying less enables you to save money and reduces the waste caused by excessive consumerism.

Before you buy anything, it is helpful to pause and consider whether you really need it and whether you will use the item. Seeing items in store or online that are cheap may release your inner bargain hunter and make you want to buy them. However, it is only a bargain if you need it, and it may end up as just another item taking up precious space in your home. Instead, it is helpful to think carefully before making every purchase and to consider whether the item fits with your new organic way of life. Being selective about what you buy and shopping carefully will help reduce the impact of choices on the planet while helping to keep your home clutter-free and save you money at the same time.

Well-established shopping habits can be challenging to break. However, starting with just one area of your spending, to begin with, and building up your conscious spending choices from there should make a big difference.

Final Considerations

Switching to an organic lifestyle can seem like a significant change in your life. You may be concerned that going organic will cost you more money, but when you spend money on items such as high-quality organic clothing, it will last you longer than fast fashion and means the cost per wear is lower. So, in the long term going organic can be a cost-effective option. Buying fewer clothes is not the only benefit of living sustainably; it also helps you to play your part in caring for the planet and for yourself. When you are making eco-conscious choices, it becomes so much easier to live mindfully and in tune with nature.

While adopting an organic lifestyle may seem intimidating at first, and you may wonder where to start, you will soon find it easy to make eco-friendly changes. Simply starting with a few minor adjustments in the way you shop will help you progress to being a mindful consumer and enjoying the benefits of organic living in no time.

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