Travelling To The West End Of London: Why Staying In A Serviced Apartment Makes Sense

Monday, March 6, 2023

London is, of course, an incredible city and one that is steeped in history. If you are planning a short stay in the West End, accommodation should be considered. You could stay at a hotel on the outskirt of the city and drive into the West End (parking is a nightmare); you could book a hotel suite in one of the exclusive London hotels, which puts a huge dent in your finances, or you could stay in a serviced apartment located in the West End. The latter is the preferred option and here are a few compelling reasons.

Maximise The Good Time - Staying in the West End of London maximises the time you are enjoying the many attractions in this part of the city. You can take early morning walks to familiarise yourself with the immediate area and check out unique little bars and pubs in the evenings. Of course, you are on the doorstep of many theatres, so you won’t need to call a cab. Book your seats online and show the QR code to gain access.

Cost-Effective - We all know how expensive luxury hotels are; staying at a West End hotel is going to take most of your budget and then you have to eat, which costs money in the city. There are serviced apartments Covent Garden offers, which puts you in the centre of the action and you can walk home after the show, and then cook a special meal before retiring for the night. You won’t need to dine out when you have your own fully equipped kitchen; you eat what you want when you want. The money you save can be used to buy a few souvenirs for family and good friends.

Manned Security - As you would expect, there is 24/7 manned security at a serviced apartment building, plus you would have underground parking, so you won’t have to worry about finding a space to park your car. You may not want to park your car on the street in the West End. When you book a serviced apartment, you get one vehicle space in the underground car park.


Zero Travelling Time - When you stay in Park Lane London apartments or any other 5-star serviced apartments in Central London, you don’t have to travel. You have your own fully equipped kitchen and all you need to do is take a short walk to the theatre in the evenings. If you stay at a small motel outside the city, you will spend a lot of time travelling and that can be horrendous in the rush hour.
Book Early - More and more travellers are aware that there are services apartments and they are affordable for a short-term stay.  Once you are sure the trip is on, start looking at websites. 
High Speed Internet - When you stay in a West End serviced apartment, you are given a username and password to access the high-speed Internet for the duration of your stay. You can livestream from the apartment and show your friends how a luxury London apartment looks. Upload all your images to your social media pages every evening and free up your device for the next day. 

The great thing about the Internet is that you can find a serviced apartment and make a booking without ever leaving your living room and staying in the West End puts you right at the centre of the action. Not only that, you can also book all your theatre seats online, plus you can research parts of London to learn more about the history.

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