6 Quick and Easy Ways To Improve Kerb Appeal

Wednesday, May 10, 2023


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When it comes to selling your home, you have 7 seconds to make an excellent first impression. Be it naturally or in person. What the exterior of your house looks like will set the tone for what people think you live like and what the interior will look like. While it might seem counterintuitive to spend money on repairing and investing in how your home looks if you are selling, the fact is, if you do so, you can likely sell your home faster and for more money. You have to speculate to accumulate, right?

With horns on the market for an average of 54 days before selling, you want to ensure you are languishing on the for sale part of the selling process for too long. These tips can help you to improve how your home looks to prospective buyers and get top dollar at the same time.

Clean It Up

A low-cost but effective way to improve how your home looks externally is to give it a good clean. Start by getting rid of any build-up of items you don't need. For example, you need to dispose of old bikes and children's outdoor toys, such as broken appliances and so on. All of these can make the outside of your home look messy and will put off buyers. So take it to the local landfill, hold a garage sale, or donate it, but don't keep it outside your home.

Next, you need to give it a good clean. Get a power washer out or invest in good quality outdoor cleaning materials and scrub your driveway, clean up the exterior walls, windows, and doors, and make sure your grass is clean and tidy and leaves are cleared away from any trees.

Pay attention to stones, and garden decor, such as statues and fences, to ensure everything comes up looking good.

Revamp The Front Door and Windows

People will be accessing your home via your front door, so having a quick assessment of how it looks and how clean it is can help you to spruce it up. From giving wooden doors a fresh lick of paint to updating hardware on doors and fixing any damage, simple things you might have been overlooking speak volumes to others, especially those interested in buying your home.

Don't forget to pay the same attention to your windows too. Tired windows, cracked Windsor frames, and damaged glass can make your home look unkempt and give out an impression that it needs a lot of work/ The eyes are the windows to your home, after all. So whether you give them clean, make some minor repairs, or you hire a company to replace your windows, you can find window and door fitters here, don't overlook them.

Clear Driveways and Pathways

Once you have given your home's exterior a good clean, make sure to clear up any pathways and driveways. This can mean removing weeds from paving cracks, trimming the edges of a lawn to give crisp, clear lines, or ensuring no cracked pavers can cause damage. This can mean revamping the whole pathway or giving it a new covering with chipped slate or stones for a low-cost look that can be highly impactful or getting any significant damage repaired. You want a nice clear space for people to access your property, so making it as easy to navigate as possible is key.

Mow The Lawn

Overgrown and unkempt lawns will be a massive turn-off for potential buyers. They don't want to see the work that they will need to do when moving in more than what they can expect it to look like should they buy your home. Mow your lawn and ensure it looks clean, clear, and healthy. Keep it looking well cared for, fresh, and trimmed to a short level for maximum impact for a simple yet impactful look.

Add Decor

You want to appeal to people to buy your home, and this means staging the exterior as well as the interior. Lighting up dark spaces, especially for evening showings, can be a straightforward way of doing this. Add door lights, lampposts to walkways, or in-ground solar lighting for decorative effect.

Look at adding planters with real or artificial plants on either side of your doorway and ornaments along a pathway or drive to make it more aesthetically pleasing to viewers.

Hide The Trash Cans

Trash cans are immediately off-putting. Despite being a practical and integral part of life, they don't really give out a "buy me" vibe and can be instrumental in attracting local wildlife to your home. As soon as you get viewings for your home or you're taking pictures, remove the trash cans and find them a temporary home until you get the sale.


You need to make your home as attractive as possible to prospective buyers, and this means giving the front of your home a facelift to assist with the selling process. These small tips can be cost-effective yet impactful and will help play a part in how well your home sells.

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