How I've Embraced Living a Slower Lifestyle

Monday, May 1, 2023

You may have heard about this whole slow living thing where you basically do the opposite of what seems to be the norm - rushing around, endless to do lists, feeling guilty for taking time off to do nothing, but since I've tried it myself I wanted to share what I did and how it works for me.

Slow living can mean different things to different people and everyone's version of slow is different, and that's totally fine.  So here's how I have embraced a slower lifestyle. 
I schedule down time. 
I actually add leisure time for reading, lounging, etc. to my to do list so that it makes me do it without feeling guilty that I'm being unproductive.  I will schedule almost an entire day to just read books on my Kindle.  
I say no more. 
I don't RSVP to every invitation anymore.  If I don't 10000% want to spend my time doing something I'm invited to, I simply just don't.  
I am more efficient in my fast time. 
So when it comes to having to get stuff done, I try to do it all at one time so I have MORE free time to enjoy slower living.  So rather than split up household cleaning tasks, I will try to knock it out all at once which actually works for me because I get on a roll.  I also used to struggle with wanting to cross everything off my to do list for the week that was in the same group (cleaning), so this actually satisfies me and then on the days I have free I can just enjoy life. 
Observe more. 
Sometimes I spend hours just walking around my backyard taking int he scenery or inspecting all of my houseplants.  I keep my phone away from me so I don't get distracted and I just simply life in the moment and observe what's going on around me. I will pay attention to what I see, hear, feel, etc. 
I got rid of unnecessary tasks. 
Sometimes I keep things on my to do list just as a habit when I realize they don't need done.  So I got rid of silly things like "post an IG photo." Instead, I just do it when it comes to mind and I have something important to post. Quality not quantity. 
I stopped working on my off days.
I actually disabled notifications for my work email so that when I'm off, I don't get tempted to check.  Work can wait.  This has given me so much more time and energy back on my days off. 
Read more. 
Reading lets me learn new things whether I'm researching something for fun or reading a fiction book.  Reading makes me slow down and take time to just live in the moment as I dive into a good book or an interesting topic. 
I hope some of these ways I've changed my life can help you adopt a shower lifestyle as well!

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