How To Properly Decorate Your Home with Plants

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


 Plants make some of the best home decor out there because not only are they beautiful living things but they add a touch of nature and greenery to any room.  Of course plants have many benefits like improving air quality and being good for your mental health, so when it comes to using them as decor when styling your home, it's important to do it the right way so your plants not only thrive, but your home looks great for years to come.  So here's how to properly use real live houseplants to style your home.

Lighting comes first. 
No matter how badly you want a specific plant in a specific area, you need to be mindful of the plants lighting needs. A simple online search of the plant you have can show you the type of light they like best.  If it says bright indirect light, you need to have it in a room (or a specific spot in a room) that has a nice bright window in it.  There are plants for all kinds of lighting conditions so if you are ready to shop for some new plants and have some ideas where you may want them, do an online search for plants for dark/bright/medium light rooms.  
Size matters. 
The thing about a real live plant is that it will grow.  And it may eventually outgrow the spot you want to place it in.  That's fine as long as you're okay with finding a new spot for it in a couple of years.  That's also why it's important to 
Humidity is important. 
Some plants need humidity to thrive while some (like succulents) prefer dry air.  If you plan to keep some plants in a bathroom (make sure there's a window because ALL plants need some sort of light), you want to make sure it's a plant that likes humidity.  
Know what's safe for kids and pets. 
Some plants are toxic to people AND animals and some are safe.  When choosing plants to decorate with, for plants you'll place on the ground, either ensure your kids or pets can't reach it or ensure it's a non toxic plant. Again, a simple online search can let you know what's safe and what's not.  Plants that are toxic are great to use to decorate higher up shelves and cabinets.  
Pest control. 
If you plan to move your plants outside when the weather's nice, make sure you understand that this is a big way outside pests and bugs can find your plants. When you bring them back in, you'll need to thoroughly inspect your plants and treat them as a preventative for pests because if you don't, you can end up bringing pests in that can infest ALL of your other indoor plants.  And trust me, there's nothing worse than that.  I personally don't move my plants outdoors at all even though we have an awesome screened in porch.  I just have too many and it's not worth the risk for me to have to deal with infestations.  

Create dimension with plant stands. 
When I style my plants, there are some areas where I literally just place 5 or 6 plants.  I use plant stands to put some higher up and some right below it so that there's a nice appealing cluster of plants at different levels and heights.  

I hope these tips help you, and remember, it's totally okay to choose faux plants for certain parts of your home as well. 

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