How To Get Better At Baking This Year

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Do you have a love for baking but perhaps you’re not the Mary Berry you like to think you are? Every baker has to start somewhere and just like any skill, it takes a lot of time and passion to master it. Even then, a star baker can run into difficulty. Getting better at baking is a helpful skill to work on, especially when the result is a mixture of sweet and savory treats to enjoy.

If you’re looking to improve your baking skills this year, then here are some helpful tips to get better at baking this year.

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Invest in baking tools

If you’re trying to roll out dough with a wine bottle or you’re eye-balling the measurements without a scale, then this is where you’re likely going wrong. Investing in baking tools is essential because baking tools are a must-have. They help in the many stages of baking.

For example, having a good rolling pin will help you get the right thickness of pastry when you’re baking that apple pie. Having measuring scales will ensure you’ve got the right ratio from butter to flour. These are all influential in the success of your baking and if you’re not investing in baking tools, then you’re likely to find little improvement in your skills.
Don’t be afraid to experiment

Experimenting is part and parcel of baking. There are always going to be those bakes that you’ve done again and again with much success. What happens if you go off-course a little with the ingredients? What happens if you add a few extras or if you play around with the presentation of the bake? Experimenting is probably where recipes like cornflake cookies were born.

There are lots of ways to experiment with baking and while not all of them are going to go to plan, some may end up creating a hybrid bake that turns out to be delicious. Don’t hold back from experimenting, especially when it comes to baking. It’s one of the types of cooking where you can have the most fun.
Take a look at some how-to videos online

How-to videos online are a staple for any amateur baker and sometimes, the professional baker is often googling some how-to guides and videos online when they get stuck.

Truth be told, there will always be someone better than you online when it comes to baking and so it’s important to embrace this reality. Take a look at what help is available online and use it to your advantage.
Always remember to follow the instructions

The instructions are there for a reason. Whether you’re assembling flat-pack furniture or you’re cooking food, instructions provide a purpose and that is to help and guide.

With baking, the same rule follows and that’s to always remember to follow the instructions. If you’re not following instructions, chances are, you’re going to mess up.

Finally, make sure to work on your patience. Patience is an important quality in baking to have, as well as having fun of course!

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