Comfortable Footwear

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sure, high heels and super flat shoes may look good with a certain outfit, but they don’t feel good to your feet and you WILL pay for them down the road, I promise you that.  I can’t stand the styles of shoes they sell lately! They are ridiculous.  When I look for shoes, I look for something I can wear all the time and in all different situations.  I don’t want something that will hurt me and damage my feet especially my arches. 

A lot of people don’t think they can have problems with their feet.  Just because it doesn’t hurt at the time, doesn’t mean your feet aren’t suffering.  I used to wear flip flops all the time.  I could even run in flip flops! Then it caught up to me and I had to deal with Plantar Fasciitis for a couple years.  It was no fun and I am so glad I finally got rid of it.  Ever since then, I began searching for shoes that have proper arch support, thick soles, and shoes that I can walk around a lot in.

I know that in movies we all see the actors wearing beautiful footwear, but it is a job they are being paid to do and guess what!  In their free time, they DO NOT wear shoes like that, so you shouldn’t either.  A trip to the mall is a lot for your feet.  You want to look good but you want to take care of your feet, so you should seek out a pair of shoes you can walk in and feel comfortable in but not with too high of a heel, or too little arch support.  At Houser Shoes  they have the best ladies shoes including brand name shoes, that make your feet feel good and make you look stylish and fabulous while wearing them.  You should never have to sacrifice your health and well being just to look good.  I just can’t stress that enough!!

Make sure you invest in a few comfortable pairs of shoes for each season, that way you never have to wind up in the situation I was in.  You will thank yourself in the longrun, as will your feet!

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