Marc Allison Jeans Review

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I love Marc Allison jeans mostly because they fit so well and are snug enough yet still loose enough that I can breathe.  I have another pair of Marc Allison jean in black but these ones are the Michi MR Skinny in charcoal and I absolutely adore them.  I love skinny jeans because you can wear them in the summer when it's cool in the evenings.  That's exactly what I did with these.  I paird them with white and black tops because that's normally what I really like to wear.

I love how well they are held together but the best thing about them is that when I bend or move around in them they don't squeeze me in an uncomfortable way.  It was super easy to get around and I also didn't feel as if it was suffocating my torso!  No need to undo a button on these jeans!!  I also love how they go great with sexy black boots.  Charcoal is a great summer color for jeans because it isn't too dark or light and can be worn in the daytime or in the evening!

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