Don't be a walking fashion faux paux

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nothing is worse than when you have a beautiful curve hugging outfit  or dress on, and it’s all spoiled by seams from your bra!    Well I found a great solution for that.  Check out the best bra and how well it will give you support and hold you together, yet it won’t be detected in your outfit.

You can find seamless shape wear from  Unbelievabra that is comfortable, sexy, and lets you feel amazing while looking great.  It's a major no no to have seams showing especially at formal affairs.  With Unbelievabra you won't even have to worry about that at all.  I love the different styles and I love the sizing.  Big or small, you can make this work for you!

Seriously, you will never live down an embarassing fashion moment!  Look at Janet Jackson. People still talk about her little slip up!
So be prepared!

1 comment:

  1. I need one of these! thanks for the heads up!


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