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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to the internet?  You have several email accounts, websites, and social networking sites to check on a daily basis.  It's unnerving and exhausting.  Here are a few ways you can declutter your online life.  I have done them and they really do make a difference!

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How many email accounts do you have? Do you really need 5?  I have 2.  My public/blog email address, and a personal one I use for bills and my survey sites.
Stop signing up for newsletters! Sure, it's nice to stay on top of the latest discounts, but that actually kind of makes you WANT to foolishly spend money.  So go through your deleted mail and see what you deleted and why.  If it's something you never look at (sales at a certain website, etc.) then unsubscribe from it.  Also, check your spam box to unsubscribe from junky emails.  Your amount of email can be greatly reduced from this!
Don't have Facebook/Twitter notications sent to your email. Especially if you have email go to your phone, this just gets annoying when it continuously buzzes because so and so commented on your status.  Facebook already has notifications, so just use those.

Clear Your Feed. If you get tired of someone's continuous strange posts, you can hide it from your feed, or even unsubscribe from them.  This is the same for fan pages.  Sometimes it can be a bit much to get on and see all the updates and feel like you have to read them all.
Get Rid of Apps/Games.  I hate them, So I chose to block/ignore all invites.  I also hide them from my feed. I don't care what Joe Smith does on Farmville, sorry!

Unfollow those that don't interest you anymore.  It's okay, it happens.  But at least when you get on you can focus on the important tweets that you actually care about.

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  1. Those Somee cards are hilarious!

    And yes...unsubscribing from sale newsletters did save me money, especially from Nine West ha ha ha (insert evil laugh here).


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