What A Good Handbag Should Have

Monday, May 21, 2012

This post might not apply to everyone since we all have different preferences but for me... this is what a good handbag should have.

1. Large enough straps that I can fit it comfortably over my shoulder even if I have a winter coat on. (This is why I love Silvia's Handbags because there are so many bags with long shoulder straps!)
2.  Inside pockets and zipper storage for things I don't want to have loose in my handbag.
3. Decorative hardware but not too much that it weighs it down.
4.  A beautiful liner.  I can't stand ugly designs on the inside.  After all, I have to look at it everytime I open it right?

What's your critera?


  1. I have all the same criterias + that the bag should have a zip closure.


  2. I've become spoiled with my last to bags, now I have to have a phone pocked on the outside


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