Our Pool is Up!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Well, the rain finally stopped for an entire day so it was time for us to finally tackle our Spring project - the pool!!!  I purchased an above ground pool that's 12'x4' from Target for just $200 shipped!  I also got a $20 solar cover!!  So exciting.  I've had it since March and we've been dying to put it up.  So that was the first part of our project.
My perfect match - such a hard worker!

I look so goofy trying to pose while avoiding pinching my fingers!

Overall, it was pretty easy.   The instructions seemed a bit overwhelming at first just because we thought it would be harder than it actually was.   We had to find level ground and Johnny had to mow and mow so that we could put the tarp down.  We also had to measure... a lot!
So exciting!! See the instruction booklet? It's huge!

After 2 hours and 3 trips to different stores for a tarp, with some team work and some elbow grease, we put the frame up in no time!

We headed to Lowes after it was set up because we needed pavers in order to make a nice and neat path from the porch to the pool.  For some reason I was so excited about this.  So we shopped around and found a great deal (you'll see the pavers a few pics down).

Oh and something hilarious happened.  In our starved and overworked state, we each grabbed a bag of Cheetos at checkout.  We got into the truck and began shoveling handfuls of the orange crispy goodness into our face for about 60 full seconds without speaking before we busted out laughing.  We both had tears in our eyes.  We literally sat still in the parking spot just stuffing our faces with Cheetos and not even talking.  I think the last thing we had said before this point was "I love Cheetos!"
"I Love Cheetos!"

When we got home we had to do some more measuring while we filled the pool.

Our plan was to put two pavers side by side in a nice little path leading to the pool.  This would also involve some digging and hoe-ing (haha) and lots of sand, which we made a FIFTH (yes, FIFTH!) trip back to Lowes for! But we definitely took a nice long break for some Little Caesars pizza and I gulped down my amazing Neuro drink!!
Goofy me!

Doing the head tilt!

Back to work from out break! We had to line up and arrange the pavers and unload the sand from the truck!

Then came the super fun part.  We both took turns digging, using the hoe (HAHA!) and you will see why I'm laughing in my picture comment below. I know, I'm so mature!
Can you dig it? I could!

oh, you know...just hoe-ing! lol

We laughed so hard as I struggled to do my best.  And this goes without saying...if you truly love someone, you can get ANYTHING done together and make the best of it.

And then we got down to business...well, Johnny did at least!!

Pavers and Pavers and Pavers all day Sunday kept us going!  But at least the pool was done!

I got to test the pool chemicals and all that jazz!

And here is the awesome path that leads from the door to the pool!!

It was a lot of work but was well worth it.  Oh, and it took us like 8 trips to Lowes.  I'm not even kidding!!


  1. Id' say you got your workout in for the month!! The pool looks awesome and the pavers turned out fabulous!

  2. Fabulous job you two ! Thank god he is a great handyman and the job is great. Make sure to post picture's of your children swimming around !


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