Cobos Couture at Philly Fashion Week

Monday, September 24, 2012

Philly Fashion Week was quite an event on Saturday.  I went last year and it seemed much more organized.  This year I was really disappointed at the lack of organization, especially before the event.  No one stood up to say where the official line was forming so people just kept sneaking into the entryway of 2424 Studios to wait in their assumed line.  Once they began to let people in, all of us (including me, who stood for nearly 2 hours in the FRONT part of the line, got pushed to the back of the next line..that's right a second line, inside the vendor area but still outside of wear the fashion show would actually take place.  Everyone just mosied on to the front, so I did as well and then right before they let us in, people were sneaking their way to the front, pretending they had to look for someone or something.  When they let us in, literally everybody ran and pushed like children.  It was quite sad and I expected more from the crowd but I was really shocked that no one cared enough to try to keep it organized.  It definitely made me think twice before attending next year, but maybe I'll figure out a new strategy.

Anyways,  the first designer to hit the runway was Cobos Couture!

Feathers on a pink and black dress? Yes please! Look at the gorgeous neckpiece made of feathers!

I love that handbag!

Her bow is made of lace!

This reminds me of something a bride could wear!

With this line I noticed a lot of feathers and frills, which was fabulous1  It made everything look so much more unique than the neutral colors made them out to be.  But what really won me over with the Cobos Couture line was the hot pink and black pieces!

Something about how flowy this is, totally made me forget how neutral the color was!

Beautiful black and pink dress!

The dresses had a luxurious fit up top, but fluffed out just enough at the bottom to give them an elegant look.    I fell in love with the pants and suit I saw on the model below!


The combination of brown and pink from Cobos Couture gave it a sexy and edgy look!


I really loved the hoods that were on some of the models.  They literally had an outfit that was a dress but had a hood.  Such a twist! 

Above, you can see one of the dresses with a hood!

I was really impressed with this line and I think that it was a great way to start off the show!
Check back tomorrow when I cover another designer from Philly Fashion Week!

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